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Need help with the Archive? Browse through the FAQs below and hopefully your question will be answered!

1. How do I browse the wrestler or title database?
Click Wrestlers or Titles on the top navigation bar and you will be directed to the selected page. From there you can browse wrestlers and titles

2. The list is a bit long, is there anyway to shorten it?
Yes, if you're searching for a wrestler you can narrow your selection down by pressing one of the individual letters near the top of the page. For example if you're trying to find Jeff Jarrett, press the J letter and you will be redirected to a page displaying all wrestlers that begin with a J.

3. There's a mistake with one of the wrestler profiles, what should I do?
If you find an error or mistake on one of the wrestler profiles then go to our support form and report it. We will then fix it as soon as possible.

4. I can't find a particular wrestler in the archive
We update our database each day, but even with our massive list of wrestlers we don't have everyone. However, you may request a profile to be made by filling out a support form.

5. I can't find a particular title in the archive
See the answer to question 4.

6. How do I search for a wrestler or title?
Use the search option by pressing Search on the main navigation bar.

7. Can I use information from the archive on my site?
Yes, as long as credit is given to the Pro Wrestling Archive.