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NWA World Heavyweight Title

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# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
82 Brent Albright ROH Death Before Dishonor VI New York City, NY 02/Aug/08
81 Adam Pearce Bayamon, Puerto Rico 01/Sep/07 Defeated Brent Albright in the finals of the Reclaiming the Glory Tournament. Pearce competed as a substitute for Bryan Danielson, who defeated Pearce in the semifinals but withdrew from the tournament due to a detached retina
80 Christian Cage TNA Final Resolution Orlando, FL 14/Jan/07 Cage beats Abyss and Sting in a three-way match. After the match NWA cuts all ties with TNA, and the title is stripped. However TNA continues to recognise the title and at TNA Sacrifice, Kurt Angle beats Cage and Sting in a three-way. The NWA and PWA don't recognise this reign however.
79 Abyss TNA Genesis Orlando, FL 19/Nov/06 Abyss wins by DQ after Sting sends Abyss crashing down onto two barbed wire tables. Due to NWA rules, Abyss won.
78 Sting TNA Bound for Glory Detroit, MI 22/Oct/06
77 Jeff Jarrett TNA Slammiversary Orlando, FL 18/Jun/06 Jeff Jarrett defeats Christian Cage, Abyss, Sting & Ron Killings in a King of the Mountain match after Earl Hebner screwed Cage and Sting and threw them off the ladder, leaving Jarrett free to hang the belt up.
76 Christian Cage TNA Against All Odds Orlando, FL 12/Feb/06
75 Jeff Jarrett TNA iMPACT! Orlando, FL 03/Nov/05
74 Rhino TNA Bound for Glory Orlando, FL 23/Oct/05
73 Jeff Jarrett Border City Wrestling Windsor, ON 15/Sep/05 AMW interfere and give Raven the Death Sentence, allowing Jarrett to get the pinfall.
72 Raven TNA Slammiversary Orlando, FL 19/Jun/05 Raven beats AJ Styles, Sean Waltman, Monty Brown & Abyss in a King of the Mountain match.
71 AJ Styles TNA Hard Justice Orlando, FL 15/May/05
70 Jeff Jarrett TNA Weekly PPV #100 Nashville, TN 02/Jun/04 Jeff Jarrett defeats Ron Killings, Chris Harris, Raven & AJ Styles in a King of the Mountain match.
69 Ron Killings TNA Weekly PPV #98 Nashville, TN 19/May/04 Ron Killing wins a four-way with Raven, AJ Styles and Chris Harris.
68 AJ Styles TNA Weekly PPV #94 Nashville, TN 21/Apr/04 AJ Styles defeats Jeff Jarrett in a cage match.
67 Jeff Jarrett TNA Weekly PPV #68 Nashville, TN 22/Oct/03
66 AJ Styles TNA Weekly PPV #49 Nashville, TN 11/Jun/03 AJ Styles beats Jeff Jarrett and Raven in a three-way, after Vince Russo intereferes and hits Jarrett with a guitar.
65 Jeff Jarrett TNA Weekly PPV #22 Nashville, TN 20/Nov/02 Vince Russo interferes in a mask and attacks Ron Killings...allowing Jarrett to get the victory.
64 Ron Killings TNA Weekly PPV #8 Nashville, TN 07/Aug/02
63 Ken Shamrock TNA Weekly PPV #1 Huntsville, AL 19/Jun/02
62 Dan Severn Tokyo, Japan 09/Mar/02 Stripped after the NWA World Heavyweight Title becomes exclusive to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.
61 Shinya Hashimoto McKeesport, PA 15/Dec/01 Defeated Steve Corino and Gary Steele.
60 Steve Corino Tampa, FL 24/Apr/01 Title held up on 13 October 2001.
59 Mike Rapada Nashville, TN 22/Dec/00
58 Sabu Tampa, FL 14/Nov/00
57 Mike Rapada Tampa, FL 19/Sep/00 Defeats Jerry Flynn in 8-man tournament final.
56 Naoya Ogawa Thomaston, CT 02/Oct/99 Vacates the title on 00/07/02.
55 Gary Steele Charlotte, NC 25/Sep/99 Defeats Ogawa and Brian Anthony in a three way dance.
54 Naoya Ogawa Yokohama, Japan 14/Mar/99
53 Dan Severn Erlanger, KY 24/Feb/95
52 Chris Candido Cherry Hill, NJ 19/Nov/94 Defeats Tracy Smothers in tournament final.
51 Shane Douglas Philadelphia, PA 27/Aug/94 Defeats Too Cold Scorpio in tournament final but refuses the belt; ECW immediately announces their withdrawal from the NWA.
50 Ric Flair Biloxi, MS 18/Jul/93 Recognition dropped by NWA in September 1993 after WCW withdraws from NWA. WCW continues to recognize "WCW International" World Heavyweight title with Flair as the champion.
49 Barry Windham Ashville, NC 12/Feb/93
48 Great Muta Tokyo, Japan 04/Jan/93
47 Masahiro Chono Tokyo, Japan 12/Aug/92
46 Ric Flair St. Petersburg, FL 19/May/91 Stripped on September 8th when Flair signs with WWF, where he claims the Real World Heavyweight Title. NWA World Heavyweight Title is vacant for the first time in its history.
45 Tatsumi Fujinami Tokyo, Japan 21/Mar/91
44 Ric Flair East Rutherford, NJ 11/Jan/91
43 Sting Baltimore, MD 07/Jul/90
42 Ric Flair Nashville, TN 07/May/89
41 Ricky Steamboat Chicago, IL 20/Feb/89
40 Ric Flair Chicago, IL 26/Nov/87
39 Ron Garvin Detroit, MI 25/Sep/87
38 Ric Flair St. Louis, MO 09/Aug/86
37 Dusty Rhodes Greensboro, NC 26/Jul/86
36 Ric Flair Yokosuka, Japan 24/May/84 Wrestles to a double count-out against AWA World Champion Rick Martel on 21st October 1985 in Tokyo, Japan.
35 Kerry Von Erich Irving, TX 06/May/84
34 Ric Flair Kallang, Singapore 23/Mar/84
33 Harley Race 21/Mar/84
32 Ric Flair Greensboro, NC 24/Nov/83
31 Harley Race St. Louis, MO 10/Jun/83
30 Ric Flair Kansas City, MO 17/Sep/81 Wrestles to a double count-out against WWF Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund on July 4th 1982 in Atlanta, GA. Around 1982 in the Dominican Republic, Flair allows himself to be pinned by Jack Veneno to avoid the riot from the audience, but the title is returned to Flair soon after. Midnight Rider (Dusty Rhodes under mask) defeats Flair on February 9th 1983 in Miami, FL but returns the belt when asked to indentify himself by NWA president Bob Geigel.
29 Dusty Rhodes Atlanta, GA 21/Jun/81
28 Harley Race Gainsville, GA 01/May/81
27 Tommy Rich Augusta, GA 27/Apr/81
26 Harley Race Ohtsu, Japan 09/Sep/80
25 Giant Baba Saga, Japan 04/Sep/80
24 Harley Race Amagasaki, Japan 07/Nov/79
23 Giant Baba Nagoya, Japan 31/Oct/79
22 Harley Race Orlando, FL 26/Aug/79
21 Dusty Rhodes Tampa, FL 21/Aug/79
20 Harley Race Toronto, ON 06/Feb/77
19 Terry Funk Miami, FL 10/Dec/75
18 Jack Brisco Toyohashi, Japan 09/Dec/74
17 Giant Baba Kagoshima, Japan 02/Dec/74
16 Jack Brisco Houston, TX 20/Jul/73
15 Harley Race Kansas City, MO 24/Mar/73
14 Dory Funk Jr. Tampa, FL 11/Feb/69
13 Gene Kiniski St. Louis, MO 07/Jan/66
12 Lou Thesz Toronto, ON 24/Jan/63 Promoters in the northeast refuse to recognize Rogers's one-fall loss to Thesz and consequently start the World Wide Wrestling Federation (now modern day WWE) with Rogers as the first WWWF World Heavyweight champion. Thesz defeats Rogers in a two-out-of-three-falls rematch on the 7th February in Toronto, ON and defeats Kowalski on the 1st February in Houston, TX.
11 Buddy Rogers Toledo, OH 30/Oct/62 Killer Kowalski beats Rogers on the 21st November a few weeks later in Montreal, QC after Rogers' ankle is broken in first fall; Kowalski is recognized as champion in some places including Texas. Rogers defeats Kowalski on the 21st January 1963 in New York, NY, but Kowalski claims the match is not for the title.
10 Bobo Brazil Newark, NJ 18/Aug/62 Wins when Rogers claims a groin injury. Brazil refuses the victory but it is announced on the 6th September that Brazil is the new champion because nothing has been found wrong with Rogers by the doctor.
9 Buddy Rogers Chicago, IL 30/Jun/61
8 Pat O'Connor St. Louis, MO 09/Jan/59
7 Dick Hutton Toronto, ON 14/Nov/57
6 Lou Thesz Montreal, QC 24/Jul/57 Defeats Carpentier by DQ. NWA initially continues to recognize Carpentier as NWA champion, however Carpentier withdraws his claim to the title when Montreal promoter Eddie Quinn leaves NWA. NWA voids all recognition of Carpentier as champion; Carpentier continues to be recognized as world champion in Omaha and by World Wrestling Association in Los Angeles to legitimate the lineages of their world titles.
5 Edouard Carpentier Chicago, IL 14/Jun/57 Wins when Thesz cannot continue due to a back injury.
4 Lou Thesz St. Louis, MO 09/Nov/56
3 Whipper Billy Watson Toronto, ON 03/Mar/56 Wins by countout.
2 Lou Thesz 27/Nov/49 Four titles are unifyed over a 3 year period, the NWA title name remains.
1 Orville Brown Des Moines, IA 05/Jan/48 Pinkie George forms the modern National Wrestling Alliance in 1948 in Waterloo, IA with 5 other promoters and recognizes Brown as the world heavyweight champion.