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CMLL World Women's Title

There is currently no picture of this title
# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
11 Amapola Mexico City, Mexico 16/Nov/07
10 Lady Apache Mexico City, Mexico 25/Dec/06
9 Hiroka Mexico City, Mexico 09/Jun/06
8 Marcela Mexico City, Mexico 16/Sep/05 Defeated Dark Angel to win the vacant title.
7 La Diabolica 01/Jan/01 La Diabólica was awarded the title sometime in 2001. She was stripped of the title in April 2003 when she joined AAA.
6 Lady Apache Naucalpan ,Mexico State, Mexic 15/May/99 Lady Apache was stripped of the title after joining AAA on August 18, 2000.
5 Mariko Yoshida Tokyo, Japan 06/Feb/97 Mariko Yoshida was stripped of the title in February 1999 due to lack of title defenses.
4 Akira Hokuto Puebla, Puebla, Mexico 30/Jul/94
3 La Diabolica Mexico City, Mexico 10/Oct/93
2 Xchitl Hamada Mexico City, Mexico 21/Jul/93
1 Bull Nakano Mexico City, Mexico 12/Jun/92 Defeated Lola González to become the first champion.