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BJW Deathmatch Heavyweight Title

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# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
21 Shadow WX Katsura Special 14 Koshigaya, Japan 04/May/08 This was a flourescent lighttube boards and weapons deathmatch at Katsura Special 14.
20 Ryuji Ito Yokohama, Japan 14/Dec/07 Was a four corner cross of D match.
19 Jaki Numazawa Tokyo, Japan 26/Aug/07
18 Takashi Sasaki Yokohama, Japan 03/Dec/06 Defeated Jaki Numazawa in a lighttubes shrine deathmatch.
17 Ryuji Ito Yokohama, Japan 10/Sep/06 Was a super high ladder, lighttubes and barbed wire Hell deathmatch. The title was vacated on September 14, 2006, due to Ito receiving a wrist injury.
16 Takashi Sasaki Tokyo, Japan 31/Mar/06 Was a lighttubes and bed of nails deathmatch.
15 Abdullah Kobayashi Yokohama, Japan 20/Dec/05 Was a scaffold match.
14 Ryuji Ito HTH5 Series tour Yokohama, Japan 24/Aug/03 Was a steel cage match.
13 Kintaro Kanemura Harder Than Hardcore IV tour Yokohama, Japan 30/Mar/03 Defeated Shadow WX in a lighttubes and glass deathmatch decision match.
12 John Zandig Ante Up Yokohama, Japan 02/Dec/01 Was an exploding glass, lighttubes and thumbtacks deathmatch. Vacated later on after Zandig left the company.
11 Mitsuhiro Matsunaga Universe tour Yokohama, Japan 19/Aug/01 Was a 200 lighttubes and thumbtack and glass board deathmatch.
10 John Zandig North Wave tour Sapporo, Japan 04/May/01 Was a CZW Caribbean-style barbed wire, lighttubes, lighttubes board and barbed wire chess board deathmatch.
9 Tomoaki Honma Wonder BJ 2000 Series tour Yokohama, Japan 23/Nov/00 Was a glass and barbed wire board deathmatch. On March 2001, the title was vacated due to Honma leaving the company.
8 John Zandig BJ Hardcore Series II tour Tokyo, Japan 02/Jul/00 Was a lemon, salt and mustard deathmatch.
7 Tomoaki Honma BJ Great Series tour Tokyo, Japan 02/Jan/00 Was a quarterfinal match in the BJ Grand Prix 2000 tournament, and was a 5-inch spike nail and barbed wire double board deathmatch.
6 Ryuji Yamakawa Kawasaki, Japan 30/May/99 Won a a no rope barbed wire fire death match.
5 Shadow WX Tokyo, Japan 28/Jan/99 Won a a barbed wire board death match.
4 Abdullah The Butcher Fukuoka, Japan 10/Jan/99 Won a lumberjack deathmatch.
3 Shadow WX Tokyo, Japan 23/Sep/98 Won a a 3 way board alligator deathmatch.
2 Mitsuhiro Matsunaga Osaka, Japan 23/Aug/98 Won a glass and fire coffin cremation deathmatch.
1 Mr. Pogo Kawasaki, Japan 09/Aug/98 Defeated Mitsuhiro Matsunaga in a glass and fire coffin cremation deathmatch tournament final.