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WWE Womens Title

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# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
52 Michelle McCool Smackdown Milwaukee, WI 23/Feb/10
51 Mickie James Royal Rumble Atlanta, GA 31/Jan/10
50 Michelle McCool The Bash Sacramento, Calif 28/Jun/09
49 Melina Detroit, MI 25/Jan/09
48 Beth Phoenix WWE Summerslam 2008 Indianapolis, IN 17/Aug/08 Won an Intergender Tag Team Match where the winners won both Championships, this match involved the Former WWE Women's Champion Mickie James who teamed with WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston. Beth Phoenix teamed with Santino Marella who became the WWE Intercontinental Champion in the same match.
47 Mickie James WWE RAW London, England 14/Apr/08
46 Melina Royal Rumble Detroit, Michigan 25/Jan/08
45 Beth Phoenix WWE No Mercy Rosemont, IL 07/Oct/07 Defeated Candice Michelle after a Delayed Fisherman's Suplex.
44 Candice Michelle WWE Vengeance Houston, TX 24/Jun/07 Defeated Melina after a Spinning Heel Kick.
43 Melina WWE House Show Paris, France 25/Apr/07 Defeated Mickie James following a Roll-Up.
42 Mickie James WWE House Show Paris, France 24/Apr/07 Defeated Melina & Victoria in a Triple Threat Match following a Mick-A-Rana on Victoria.
41 Melina WWE RAW Bakersfield, CA 19/Feb/07 Defeated Mickie James after a Jackknife Pin.
40 Mickie James WWE Survivor Series Philadelphia, PA 26/Nov/06 Defeated Lita after a Standing Tornado DDT. *This was Lita's retirement match.
39 Lita WWE Cyber Sunday Cincinnati, OH 05/Nov/06 Defeated Mickie James in a Lumberjill Match in the finals of a 7-Woman Tournament after a Swinging Snap DDT.
38 Trish Stratus WWE Unforgiven Toronto, ON 17/Sep/06 Defeated Lita by submission with the Sharpshooter. *This was Trish Stratus' retirement match.
37 Lita WWE RAW Charlottesville, VA 14/Aug/06 Defeated Mickie James after using the WWE Women's Championship belt illegally while the referee was distracted by Edge, and smashing it over Mickie's head.
36 Mickie James WWE Wrestlemania Rosemont, IL 02/Apr/06 Defeated Trish Stratus after a Mick Kick.
35 Trish Stratus WWE New Year's Revolution San Juan, PR 09/Jan/05 Defeated Lita after a Chick Kick.
34 Lita RAW Charlotte, NC 14/Aug/04 Defeated Trish Stratus after a Moonsault from the top rope. *This would be the second time Lita would win the Women's Championship in the main event of RAW.
33 Trish Stratus Bad Blood Columbus, OH 13/Jun/04 Defeated Victoria, Lita, & Jazz in a Fatal Four Way Match following a School Girl on Lita.
32 Victoria RAW Omaha, NE 23/Feb/04 Defeated Molly Holly, Lita, & Jazz in a Four-Way Elimination Match. *Lita eliminated Jazz after a Swinging Snap DDT. **Victoria eliminated Molly Holly after a Jackknife Pin. ***Victoria eliminated Lita after a Widow's Peak.
31 Gail Kim RAW Buffalo, NY 30/Jun/03 Defeated Jazz, Victoria, Trish Stratus, Molly Holly, Jacqueline, & Ivory in a 7-Woman Battle Royal. *This was also Gail Kim's debut match in WWE.
30 Jazz Backlash Worcester, MA 27/Apr/03 Defeated Trish Stratus after countering a Springboard Sunset Flip Pin attempt, and using the ropes for leverage.
29 Trish Stratus WrestleMania XIX Seattle, WA 30/Mar/03 Defeated Victoria & Jazz in a Triple Threat Match after a Chick Kick on Victoria.
28 Victoria Survivor Series New York, NY 17/Nov/02 Defeated Trish Stratus in a Hardcore Match after a Snap Suplex.
27 Trish Stratus Unforgiven Los Angeles, CA 22/Sep/02 Defeated Molly Holly after a Wheelbarrow Bulldog.
26 Trish Stratus RAW Toronto, ON 13/May/02 Along with Bubba Ray Dudley, defeated Jazz & Steven Richards following a Stratusfaction on Jazz.
25 Jazz RAW Las Vegas, NV 04/Feb/02 Defeated Trish Stratus after a Fisherman's Buster.
24 Trish Stratus Survivor Series Greensboro, NC 18/Nov/01 Defeated Ivory, Mighty Molly, Lita, Jacqueline, & Jazz in a Six-Pack Challenge following the Stratusfaction on Ivory.
23 Chyna WrestleMania X-Seven Houston, TX 01/Apr/01 Defeated Ivory after a Gorilla Press Drop.
22 Ivory SmackDown! Rochester, NY 02/Nov/00 Defeated Lita, Jacqueline, & Trish Stratus in a Four-Corners Match, when Edge & Christian double-teamed Lita, allowing Ivory to get the victory.
21 Lita RAW is WAR Lafayette, LA 21/Aug/00 Defeated Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley after a Moonsault from the top rope. *The Rock was Special Guest Referee of this match. **This would be the first time the Women's Championship would be defended as the Main Event match.
20 Ivory RAW is WAR Providence, RI 25/Oct/99 Defeated The Fabulous Moolah after a Clothesline. *This was The Fabulous Moolah's retirement match.
19 Ivory WWE RAW Worcester, MA 08/Jun/99 Defeated Debra after Nicole Bass choked out Debra and slammed her to the mat while the referee was distracted.
18 Debra WWE RAW Orlando, FL 10/May/99 Defeated Sable in an Evening Gown Match. *Commissioner Shawn Michaels declared Debra the winner when Sable stripped her, claiming the REAL winner is the woman who was stripped.
17 Sable WWE Survivor Series St. Louis, MO 15/Nov/98 Defeated Jacqueline following a Sablebomb.
16 Madusa WWE All American Wrestling Poughkeepsie, NY 13/Dec/93 The title was stripped from Rockin' Robin in 1990 and deactivated. In 1993, Alundra Blaze defeated Heidi Lee Morgan in a tournament final to win the title.
15 Rockin Robin WWE Prime Time Wrestling Paris, France 07/Oct/88
14 Sherri Martel Houston, TX 24/Jul/87
13 Fabulous Moolah New York, NY 25/Nov/85
12 Wendy Richter WWE Wrestlemania New York, NY 31/Mar/85 Defeated Leilani Kai after reversing Flying Body Press into a pinfall.
11 Leilani Kai WWE Prime Time Wrestling New York, NY 05/Mar/85 Defeated Wendi Richter in a One-Fall Match.
10 Wendy Richter WWE The Brawl to End it All New York, NY 23/Jul/84 Defeated The Fabulous Moolah in a One-Fall Match.
9 Fabulous Moolah Fort Worth, Texas 10/Oct/78
8 Evelyn Stevens Dallas, Texas 08/Oct/78
7 Fabulous Moolah Japan 01/Jan/76 Won somewhere in 1976. This title reign is unrecognized.
6 Chiyo Obata Japan 01/Jan/76 Won somewhere in 1976. This title reign is unrecognized.
5 Fabulous Moolah Japan 01/Apr/68 This title reign is unrecognized.
4 Yukiko Tomoe Osaka, Japan 10/Mar/68 This title reign is unrecognized.
3 Fabulous Moolah 01/Oct/66 Won somewhere within 1966. This title reign is unrecognized.
2 Betty Boucher Seattle, Washington 17/Sep/66 This title reign is unrecognized.
1 Fabulous Moolah Baltimore, MD 18/Sep/56 Defeated Judy Grable in a tournament final. The NWA World Women's Championship was sold by Moolah to the World Wrestling Federation in 1983. WWE does not recognize any title changes of that title between 1956 and 1983, neither does the PWA.