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WWE World Heavyweight Title

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# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
35 Chris Jericho Hell In A Cell St Louis. MO 21/Feb/10
34 The Undertaker Hell In A Cell Newark, New Jersey 04/Oct/09
33 CM Punk SummerSlam Los Angeles, CA 23/Aug/09
32 Jeff Hardy Night of Champions Philadelphia, PA 26/Jul/09
31 CM Punk Extreme Rules New Orleans, Louisiana 07/Jun/09 Cashed in money in the bank after Jeff Hardy beat Edge for the title in a ladder match.
30 Jeff Hardy Extreme Rules New Orleans, Louisiana 07/Jun/09
29 Edge Backlash Providence, RI 26/Apr/09 Beat John Cena in a Last Man Standing match.
28 John Cena Wrestlemania 25 Houston, Texas 05/Apr/09
27 Edge No Way Out Seattle, Washington 15/Feb/09
26 John Cena Survivor Series Boston, MA 23/Nov/08
25 Chris Jericho RAW Tampa, FL 03/Nov/08 Beat Batista in a cage match to regain his title.
24 Batista Cyber Sunday Phoenix, AZ 26/Oct/08
23 Chris Jericho Unforgiven Cleveland, Ohio 07/Sep/08 Chris Jericho takes CM Punk's place in the RAW Scramble and pins Kane in the final seconds to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.
22 CM Punk WWE Raw Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 30/Jun/08 CM Punk cashed in the Money in the Bank contract he earned at WrestleMania XXIV on the June 30 edition of Raw to challenge and defeat Edge to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.
21 Edge WWE One Night Stand San Diego, CA 01/Jun/08 Defeated The Undertaker in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match to win the Vacant Championship
20 The Undertaker WWE Wrestlemania 24 Orlando, FL 30/Mar/08 Stripped when current General Manager Vickie Guerrero felt that Undertaker's new choke hold was too dangerous to the Smackdown Wrestlers - May 2nd 2008
19 Edge WWE Armageddon Pittsburgh, PA 16/Dec/07 Edge won a Triple Threat match involving Batista and The Undertaker, he used Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder formerly Brett and Brian Major to help him Win the World Heavyweight Championship.
18 Batista WWE Unforgiven Memphis, TN 16/Sep/07 Won a triple threat match involving The Great Khali and Rey Mysterio
17 The Great Khali WWE Smackdown! Laredo, TX 17/Jul/07 When Edge was forced to surrender the title due to injury, a 20-Man Battle Royal was made to determine the new World Heavyweight Champion. The Great Khali was able to win the match, last eliminating both Kane and Batista to win the title. - Aired July 20th 2008
16 Edge WWE Smackdown! Pittsburgh, PN 08/May/07 Edge cashed in the Money in the Bank Briefcase which he won from Kennedy on the May 7th 2008 Edition of Monday Night Raw, He Cashed it in after Undertaker got beaten down by Mark Henry after a Steel Cage match which went to a draw which featured Batista. - Aired May 11th 2008
15 The Undertaker WWE WrestleMania 23 Detroit, MI 01/Apr/07
14 Batista WWE Survivor Series Philadelphia, PA 26/Nov/06
13 Booker T WWE The Great American Bash Indianapolis, IN 23/Jul/06
12 Rey Mysterio WWE Wrestlemania 22 Chicago, IL 02/Apr/06
11 Kurt Angle WWE Smackdown! Philadelphia, PA 10/Jan/06 After a nine-month reign as World Heavyweight Champion, Batista was forced to surrender his title after suffering an injury whilst wrestling Mark Henry. Immediately after Batista surrendered the championship, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long declared that there would be a Battle Royal to determine the new World Heavyweight Champion. Raw superstar Kurt Angle entered himself in the Battle Royal and last eliminated Mark Henry to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.
10 Batista WWE WrestleMania 21 Los Angeles, CA 03/Apr/05
9 Triple H WWE New Year's Revolution Puerto Rico 09/Jan/05 Triple H was forced to vacate the title after a championship match on Raw, which also included Edge and Chris Benoit, ended in controversy, so Bischoff vacated the title and put it up for grabs at New Year's Revolution in the Elimination Chamber. Triple H entered the match third and outlasted Edge, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton and Batista, and with the help of Ric Flair and Batista, Triple H pinned Randy Orton for his 10th championship.
8 Triple H WWE Unforgiven Portland, OR 12/Sep/04
7 Randy Orton WWE Summerslam Toronto, Ontario, Canada 15/Aug/04
6 Chris Benoit WWE WrestleMania XX New York, NY 14/Mar/04
5 Triple H WWE Armageddon Orlando, FL 14/Dec/03
4 Goldberg WWE Unforgiven Hershey, PA 21/Nov/03
3 Triple H WWE Armageddon Fort Lauderdale, FL 15/Dec/02
2 Shawn Michaels WWE Survivor Series New York, NY 17/Nov/02
1 Triple H WWE RAW Milwaukee, WI 02/Sep/02 Before Sept. 2, 2002, WWE recognized only one World Champion, and that champion represented both the RAW and SmackDown! brands. Just after SummerSlam, champion Brock Lesnar inked a deal to become exclusive to SmackDown!, leaving RAW without a World champion. RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff then declared that since Lesnar had left Raw that RAW needed its own champion. So with that, he opened a case and pulled out the old WCW Championship and awarded it to Triple H, naming him the first World Heavyweight Champion.