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FMW Junior Heavyweight Title

There is currently no picture of this title
# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
10 Naoki Sano Sapporo 14/May/99 Hiromichi Fuyuki becomes the FMW commissioner effctive on 99/05/31 and withdraws the recognition of the title; Sano is recognized as the first Independent World Junior Heavyweight champion.
9 Minoru Yokohama 05/May/99 Defeats Ricky Fuji to become the first champion.
8 TAKA Michinoku Puebla, Mexico 25/Aug/97 Vacated on December 18, 1997. Becomes known simple as FMW World Junior Heavyweight Title.
7 Satanico Mexico 29/Jun/97
6 TAKA Michinoku Kawasaki, Japan 05/May/96
5 Koji Nakagawa Fukuoka, Japan 20/Nov/95 Defeated Ricky Fuji for vacated title.
4 Koji Nakagawa Koji Nakagawa 30/Mar/95 Vacated
3 Hideki Hosaka Okazaki, Japan 06/Feb/95
2 Ricky Fuji Nagoya, Japan 20/Dec/94 Defeated The Great Sasuke for vacated title.
1 The Great Sasuke Tokyo, Japan 28/Aug/93 Defeated Battle Ranger Z to become the first champion. Vacated in October of 1994 due to concentrate on Death Match against Atsushi Onita.