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NECW Television Title

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# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
9 Handsome Johnny Revere, MA 01/Jun/08 Defeats Chase Del Monte in a tournament final.
8 Handsome Johnny Quincy, MA 16/Feb/08 Vacated on 22nd April, 2008 due to injury.
7 Brandon Locke Danvers, MA 16/Jun/07
6 Kristian Frost Qunicy, MA 26/Feb/07 Defeats Richter, Scott Reed, Kellan Thomas, and Triplelicious in a 5-way match.
5 T.J. Richter Qunicy, MA 19/Aug/06 Reigning PWF Mayhem Junior Heavyweight champion; unifies both titles to become NECW Undisuputed Television champion.
4 Frankie Arion Framingham, MA 18/Mar/06
3 Johnny Idol Framingham, MA 17/Sep/05
2 Joe Chece Framingham, MA 14/May/05
1 Ru Starr Framingham, MA 12/Feb/05 Defeats Mike Bennett in a 12-man tournament final to become the first champion.