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CZW Ultraviolent Underground Title

There is currently no picture of this title
# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
8 Drake Younger Philadelphia, PA 09/Feb/08 Defeated Brain Damage in a Barbed Wire Boards & Panes Of Glass Match
7 Brain Damage Smyrna, Delaware 15/Sep/07 Title was vacated, Brain Damage won a deathmatch tournament for the belt.
6 Brain Damage Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 12/May/07 Brain Damage defeated Drake Younger in a Barbed Wire Ropes Pane Of Glass Barbed Wire Board Match
5 Drake Younger Middletown, Delaware 15/Oct/06 Defeated Nick Gage in a no rope barbed wire match.
4 Nick Gage Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 14/Jan/06 Defeated J.C. Bailey and Necro Butcher in a three-way elimination no rope barbed wire match match 1. Necro Butcher eliminated JC Bailey 2. Nick Gage eliminated Necro Butcher.
3 J.C. Bailey Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 13/Aug/05 Defeated Necro Butcher in a No Ropes Barbed Wire Match.
2 Necro Butcher New Castle, Delaware 30/Jul/05 J.C Bailey gave the title to Necro Butcher after Necro eliminated him and won Tournament of Death IV.
1 J.C. Bailey Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 05/Feb/05 Defeated Necro Butcher in a Barbed Wire Cage match to become the first champion.