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WCW World Heavyweight Title

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# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
64 Chris Jericho WWE Vengeance San Diego, CA 09/Dec/01 Jericho wins the title, and unifies it with the WWE Championship. From this point onwards the WCW Title is never used again. However a few years later, a very similar belt is introduced on RAW named the "World Heavyweight Title". However, this belt does not share its history with the WCW World Title.
63 The Rock WWE RAW Uniondale, NY 05/Nov/01
62 Chris Jericho WWE No Mercy St. Louis, MO 21/Oct/01
61 The Rock WWE Summerslam San Jose, CA 19/Aug/01
60 Booker T WWE RAW Philadelphia, PA 30/Jul/01
59 Kurt Angle WWE Smackdown! Pittsburgh, PA 24/Jul/01 Angle wins the belt, and becomes the first WCW champion in WWF programming.
58 Booker T WCW Nitro Panama City Beach, FL 26/Mar/01 Booker T wins the title on the last ever edition of Monday Nitro. He was the last wrestler to hold the title under the WCW banner. WWE purchased WCW, and the title continued in their promotion.
57 Scott Steiner WCW Mayhem Milwaukee, WI 26/Nov/00 Wins the title in a Straight Jacket steel cage match.
56 Booker T WCW Nitro San Francisco, CA 02/Oct/00 Russo vacates the title as he decides he is not a wrestler. Later that night, Booker T beats Jeff Jarrett in a San Francisco 69ers match, to win the belt.
55 Vince Russo WCW Nitro Uniondale, NY 25/Sep/00 Wins a steel cage match (when he is speared out of the cage and thus, leaves the cage before Booker T).
54 Booker T WCW Fall Brawl Buffalo, NY 17/Sep/00 Won a Caged Heat match to win the belt.
53 Kevin Nash WCW Nitro Las Cruces, NM 28/Aug/00
52 Booker T WCW Bash at the Beach Daytona Beach, FL 09/Jul/00 Won at Bash at the Beach. The match was originally billed as Jarrett vs. Hogan (which Hogan won after Jarrett intentionally laid down for Hogan), but Vince Russo stripped Hogan of the title after cutting a shoot promo about getting frustrated with dealing with Hogan's backstage politics, and announced that Jarrett was still officially recognized as the champion and would defend the title in an match against Booker T. Booker went on to win the match.
51 Jeff Jarrett WCW Nitro Salt Lake City, UT 29/May/00
50 Ric Flair WCW Nitro Salt Lake City, UT 29/May/00 Kevin Nash awards the title to Flair.
49 Kevin Nash WCW Thunder Saginaw, MI 23/May/00 Defeats Jarrett and Scott Steiner in a Triple Threat match.
48 Jeff Jarrett WCW Nitro Grand Rapids, MI 22/May/00 Vince Russo stripped Flair of the title on Nitro, he then awarded the belt to Jarrett.
47 Ric Flair WCW Nitro Biloxi, MS 15/May/00
46 Jeff Jarrett WCW Slamboree Kansas City, MO 07/May/00 Won a triple cage match, that also included DDP.
45 David Arquette WCW Thunder Syracuse, NY 25/Apr/00 In a tag team match where the first person to get the victory would be declared the champion, Arquette and Page defeated Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff when Arquette pinned Bischoff.
44 Diamond Dallas Page WCW Nitro Rochester, NY 24/Apr/00 Won a cage match to win the title.
43 Jeff Jarrett WCW Spring Stampede Chicago, IL 16/Apr/00 All titles were stripped in the "WCW Revolution" on April 10th where Bischoff and Russo declared a new WCW. Jarrett defeats DDP in a tournament final at Spring Stampede.
42 Sid Vicious WCW Thunder Las Vegas, NV 25/Jan/00 Sid Vicious wins back the title on the same night that he was stripped of it.
41 Kevin Nash WCW Thunder Las Vegas, NV 25/Jan/00 Commissioner Nash strips Vicious of the title, and awards it to himself on Nitro.
40 Sid Vicious WCW Nitro Los Angeles, CA 24/Jan/00 Benoit forfeits the title and leaves for WWF. Vicious beats Kevin Nash on Monday Nitro to win the belt, after defeating the Harris Brothers for the right to wrestle Nash for the title.
39 Chris Benoit WCW Souled Out Cincinnati, OH 16/Jan/00 Defeats Sid Vicious to win the belt.
38 Bret Hart WCW Nitro Baltimore, MD 20/Dec/99 Hart vacates the title because of a controversial match with Bill Goldberg. He then beats Goldberg in a rematch on Nitro to win back the belt.
37 Bret Hart WCW Mayhem Toronto, Ontario, Canada 21/Nov/99 Defeated Chris Benoit in a tournament final.
36 Sting WCW Fall Brawl Winston-Salem, NC 12/Sep/99
35 Hulk Hogan WCW Nitro Jacksonville, FL 12/Jul/99
34 Randy Savage WCW Bash at the Beach Ft. Lauderdale, FL 11/Jul/99 Savage and Sid Vicious defeated Nash and Sting in a tag team match where the one who scored the victory would be the champion.
33 Kevin Nash WCW Slamboree St. Louis, MO 09/May/99
32 Diamond Dallas Page WCW Nitro Fargo, ND 26/Apr/99 Defeated Sting, Kevin Nash, and Goldberg in a No Disqualification Fatal Four-Way match (and regained the title on the same night).
31 Sting WCW Nitro Fargo, ND 26/Apr/99
30 Diamond Dallas Page WCW Spring Stampede Tacoma, WA 11/Apr/99 Defeated Flair, Sting, and Hollywood Hogan in a four-way match.
29 Ric Flair WCW Uncensored Louisville, KY 14/Mar/99 Wins a First-blood Steel Cage match to gain the title.
28 Hulk Hogan WCW Nitro Atlanta, GA 04/Jan/99 Nash lays down for Hogan in the infamous "Fingerpoke of Doom incident". After the match, the New World Order reunites, and Goldberg is beaten down.
27 Kevin Nash WCW Starrcade Washington, D.C 27/Dec/98
26 Goldberg WCW Nitro Atlanta, GA 06/Jul/98
25 Hulk Hogan WCW Nitro Colorado Springs, CO 20/Apr/98 Wins a No-DQ match to gain the title.
24 Randy Savage WCW Spring Stampede Denver, CO 19/Apr/98
23 Sting San Francisco, CA 22/Feb/98 The Title was held up on January 8th 1998 due to controversy over finish of December 28 match. Sting then went on to defeat Hogan in a rematch.
22 Sting WCW Starrcade Washington, D.C 28/Dec/97 Bret Hart made the 3 count after accusing the assigned ref of making a fast count and restarting the match.
21 Hulk Hogan WCW Road Wild Sturgis, SD 09/Aug/97
20 Lex Luger WCW Nitro Auburn Hills, MI 04/Aug/97
19 Hulk Hogan WCW Hog Wild Sturgis, SD 10/Aug/96
18 The Big Show Albany, GA 22/Apr/96
17 Ric Flair WCW Superbrawl VI St. Petersburg, FL 11/Feb/96
16 Randy Savage WCW Nitro Las Vegas, NV 22/Jan/96 One month after Flair won the WCW Championship away from him, Randy Savage was able to win a rematch on Nitro to regain the gold. Just like at Starrcade, Arn Anderson and Jimmy Hart were at ringside to try to help the champion. However, Anderson’s interference backfired, and he accidentally nailed Flair with brass knuckles. Then Hulk Hogan, came out to take care of Anderson and former manager Hart, allowing Savage to scale the top rope. He hit Flair with his signature flying elbow, and Savage got the pinfall to win the WCW Title for the second time.
15 Ric Flair WCW Starrcade Nashville, TN 27/Dec/95
14 Randy Savage WCW World War 3 Norfolk, VA 26/Nov/95 Savage won a 3-ring 60-man battle royal. Hulk Hogan was not actually thrown over the top rope. However, the referee (believing that Hogan was eliminated) awarded the match to Savage (after he eliminated One Man Gang).
13 The Big Show WCW Halloween Havoc Detriot, MI 29/Oct/95 Won at Halloween Havoc in a match where the title could be changed by disqualification. The Giant defeated Hogan by DQ when Jimmy Hart interfered. The title was later stripped because of the controversial finish of the match.
12 Hulk Hogan WCW Bash at the Beach Orlando, FL 17/Jul/94 Hogan wins the belt in his first match in WCW.
11 Ric Flair Atlanta, GA 21/Apr/94 The title is held up (vacanted) after Flair vs Ricky Steamboat at Spring Stampede results in a double pin. This occurrence is unrecognized by WWE, who considers Flair a seven time WCW Champion, his first reign being a joint NWA/WCW reign. However, the Pro Wrestling Archive (PWA) recognises the second reign, where Ric Flair defeated Steamboat in a rematch.
10 Ric Flair WCW Starrcade Charlotte, NC 27/Dec/93
9 Vader Dublin, Ireland 17/Mar/93
8 Sting London, England 11/Mar/93
7 Vader Baltimore, MD 30/Dec/92
6 Ron Simmons Baltimore, MD 02/Aug/92 Became the first ever African-American World Champion.
5 Vader WCW The Great American Bash Albany, GA 12/Jul/92
4 Sting WCW SuperBrawl II Milwaukee, WI 29/Feb/92
3 Steve Austin Birmingham, AL 19/Jun/91
2 Lex Luger Baltimore, MD 14/Jun/91 Defeats Barry Windham.
1 Ric Flair East Rutherford, New Jersey 11/Jan/91 January 11, 1991. Ric Flair wins the NWA World Heavyweight Title from Sting, with the NWA no longer operating, Flair was recognized as the first WCW World heavyweight wrestling champion. Flair was then stripped on July 1, 1991 when Flair was fired by WCW.