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CZW Iron Man Title

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# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
36 Brain Damage CZW A Tangled Web Philadelphia, PA 12/Jul/08 Defeated DJ Hyde
35 DJ Hyde CZW Summer School Philadelphia, PA 14/Jun/08
34 Brain Damage New Year's Resolutions Philadelphia, PA 12/Jan/08 This was a 20-minute Iron Man Homerun Derby deathmatch at New Year's Resolutions, also for Damage's CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship.
33 Joker Night of Infamy Philadelphia, PA 10/Nov/07
32 DJ Hyde Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Show Philadelphia, PA 08/Sep/07 This was a dog collar match
31 Toby Klein Restore the Order Philadelphia, PA 12/May/07
30 DJ Hyde H8 Philadelphia, PA 10/Feb/07 Defeated Chris Hero and Adam Flash in a triple threat match at H8.
29 LuFisto Trapped Philadelphia, PA 12/Aug/06 LuFisto pinned Steen, her own partner, in an "All Out War" barbed wire steel cage elimination match at Trapped. Vacated at New Year, New Opportunities due to a back injury.
28 Kevin Steen Deja Vu 3: Wired Philadelphia, PA 13/Aug/05
27 Franky The Mobster Only the Strong: Scarred 4 Life Philadelphia, PA 05/Feb/05 Won the title at Only the Strong: Scarred 4 Life. This match was also for Franky's IWS World Heavyweight Championship.
26 B-Boy Cage of Death 6 Philadelphia, PA 11/Dec/04
25 Chris Hero Apocalypse Philadelphia, PA 01/May/04
24 Jimmy Rave Cage of Death 5 Philadelphia, PA 13/Dec/03 This was a 20-minute Iron Man match at Cage of Death V - Suspended, which Rave won in overtime.
23 Trent Acid Redefined Philadelphia, PA 13/Sep/03 This was a three-way 20-minute Iron Man tournament final at Redefined, also involving Jimmy Rave and Nick Gage. Acid won in overtime.
22 Nick Mondo Uncivilized Philadelphia, PA 08/Feb/03 Vacated due to injury at Tournament of Death 2.
21 Messiah Beyond the Barrier Philadelphia, PA 12/Oct/02
20 Adam Flash Deja Vu Philadelphia, PA 13/Jul/02 This match, at Deja Vu, was also for Pain's World championship; the match ended in a double pinfall, so Pain retained the World title, but lost the Iron Man title to Flash.
19 Justice Pain Philadelphia, PA 08/Jun/02 This was a triple threat match at Best of the Best II, also involving The Messiah; Messiah's World title was also on the line. Adam Flash was the special referee
18 Adam Flash Philadelphia, PA 15/Dec/01 This was a triple threat falls count anywhere match at Cage of Death 3, also involving Nick Mondo
17 Nicky Benz Sewell, NJ 27/Oct/01 Defeated Nick Mondo at And JUSTICE for All. Why Gage was officially not involved in this match is unclear.
16 Nick Mondo Sewell, NJ 18/Aug/01 Some sources claim that Mondo won the title at Tables, Ladders & Violence, however CZW does not recognize this reign.
15 Nick Gage Sewell, NJ 28/Jul/01 Won the title at What About Lobo?
14 Nick Mondo Philadelphia, PA 09/Jun/01 This was a four-way match at High Stakes for the Iron Man and World titles, also involving World champion Justice Pain and The Messiah; Mondo pinned Flash and Messiah pinned Pain to win their respective titles
13 Nick Mondo Sewell, NJ 09/Jun/01 This was a triple threat deathmatch also involving Wifebeater and Mad Man Pondo at Breakaway Brawl; Lobo was not involved in the match for reasons that are unclear.
12 Lobo Sewell, NJ 10/Feb/01 This was a five-way match also involving Lord Everett DeVore, Nate Hatred and Mad Man Pondo at Crushing the Competition
11 Wifebeater Symrna, DE 21/Jan/01 This was a deathmatch at Delaware Invasion.
10 Nate Hatred Sewell, NJ 11/Nov/00 Won the title at Jersey Rulz.
9 Wifebeater Sewell, NJ 07/Oct/00 This was a triple threat no-ropes barbed wire match also involving Mad Man Pondo at Rules Were Made to Be Broken.
8 Nick Gage Sewell, NJ 22/Jul/00 Beat Wifebeater in fans bring their own weapons match.
7 Wifebeater Sewell, NJ 22/Jul/00 Was awarded the title at No Rules, No Limits.
6 Mad Man Pondo Sewell, NJ 10/Jun/00 Won the title at Caged to the End.
5 Wifebeater Sewell, NJ 11/Mar/00 Won the title at March Violence.
4 Lobo Mantua, NJ 16/Oct/99 This was a Cage of Death match at Cage of Death.
3 Justice Pain Mantua, NJ 19/Jun/99 Won the title at Down In Flames.
2 Lobo Mantua, NJ 13/Feb/99 Defeated Derek Domino for it at the opening night.
1 Derek Domino Mantua, NJ 13/Feb/99 Recognized as champion on the opening night.