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NWA Pacific Women's Title

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# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
19 Kyoko Inoue Tokyo, Japan 05/May/08
18 Haruka Matsuo Tokyo, Japan 17/Sep/07
17 Yoshiko Tamura Tokyo, Japan 11/Nov/05
16 Misae Genki Tokyo, Japan 03/Jul/05
15 Tsubasa Kuragaki Tokyo, Japan 20/Feb/05
14 Misae Genki Tokyo, Japan 14/Aug/04
13 Momoe Nakanishi Kawasaki, Japan 14/Mar/04
12 Yoshiko Tamura Tokyo, Japan 05/May/03
11 Azumi Hyuga Tokyo, Japan 06/Mar/03
10 Kyoko Inoue Tokyo, Japan 02/Feb/03
9 Yoshiko Tamura Tokyo, Japan 11/Nov/02 Defeats Kyoko Inoue and Mima Shimoda in a 3-way tournament final.
8 Yoshiko Tamura Tokyo, Japan 08/Jun/02 Vacant on 14th October 2002 when a heel stable nEo steals all the title belts.
7 Etsuko Mita Tokyo, Japan 13/Apr/02
6 Yoshiko Tamura Tokyo, Japan 07/Dec/01 Wins a 6-way match against Asuka, Kyoko Inoue, Mima Shimoda, Misae Genki, and Ran Yu-Yu.
5 Lioness Asuka Tokyo, Japan 01/Sep/01
4 Misae Genki Tokyo, Japan 15/Jun/01
3 Kyoko Inoue Tokyo, Japan 25/Mar/01
2 Mima Shimoda Tokyo, Japan 11/Feb/01
1 Yoshiko Tamura Wildwood, NJ 24/Aug/00 Defeats Nicole Bass to become first champion.