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ECW World Television Title

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# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
35 11/Apr/01 The title is retired after ECW declared bankruptcy and folds.
34 Rhino ECW on TNN Mississauga, ON 09/Sep/00
33 Kid Kash ECW on TNN New York, NY 26/Aug/00
32 Rhino ECW CyberSlam Philadelphia, PA 22/Apr/00
31 Tajiri ECW on TNN Buffalo, NY 08/Apr/00 Yoshihiro Tajiri (Tajiri) participated in a 3-way dance involving Little Guido.
30 Super Crazy ECW Living Dangerously Danbury, CT 12/Mar/00 Super Crazy participated in a tournament where he defeated Rhino in the finals.
29 04/Mar/00 The title is vacated due to injury.
28 Rob Van Dam Buffalo, NY 04/Apr/98 Rob Van Dam's reign was the longest ECW Television title reign in history.
27 Bam Bam Bigelow ECW Living Dangerously Asbury Park, NJ 01/Mar/98
26 Tazz ECW Wrestlepalooza Philadelphia, PA 07/Jun/97
25 Shane Douglas ECW Heat Wave Philadelphia, PA 13/Jul/96 Shane Douglas participated in a 4-way dance involving 2 Cold Scorpio and Pitbull #2.
24 Chris Jericho ECW Hardcore Heaven Philadelphia, PA 22/Jun/96
23 Anthony Durante ECW Fight the Power Philadelphia, PA 01/Jun/96
22 Shane Douglas ECW A Matter of Respect Philadelphia, PA 11/May/96
21 2 Cold Scorpio ECW House Party Philadelphia, PA 05/Jan/96
20 Mikey Whipwreck New York, NY 29/Dec/95 Mikey Whipwreck participated in this match which was also for the Tag Team titles, which 2 Cold Scorpio was currently holding with The Sandman. Cactus Jack was Whipwreck's partner, as appointed through self-nomination.
19 2 Cold Scorpio Jim Thorpe, PA 25/Aug/95
18 Eddie Guerrero Middletown, NY 28/Jul/95
17 Dean Malenko Tampa, FL 21/Jul/95
16 Eddie Guerrero ECW Three Way Dance Philadelphia, PA 08/Apr/95
15 2 Cold Scorpio Philadelphia, PA 18/Mar/95
14 Dean Malenko Hamburg, PA 04/Nov/94
13 2 Cold Scorpio Hamburg, PA 04/Nov/94
12 Jason Knight ECW Hardcore Heaven Philadelphia, PA 13/Aug/94 As Jason.
11 Mikey Whipwreck Philadelphia, PA 13/May/94
10 Gary Wolfe Philadelphia, PA 16/Apr/94 As The Pitbull.
9 J.T. Smith Philadelphia, PA 06/Mar/94
8 Tazz Philadelphia, PA 06/Mar/94
7 Sabu ECW November to Remember Philadelphia, PA 13/Nov/93
6 Terry Funk NWA Bloodfest: Part 1 Philadelphia, PA 01/Oct/93 Terry Funk participated in a steel cage match.
5 Jimmy Snuka Radnor, PA 12/Mar/93 Jimmy Snuka participated in a tournament where he defeated Glen Osbourne in the finals.
4 01/Feb/93 The title is vacated. *Exact day unknown*
3 Glen Osbourne Philadelphia, PA 30/Sep/92 Glen Osbourne participated in a battle royal where he defeated The Sandman being the final two participants.
2 12/Sep/92 ECW TV title is vacated after Johnny Hotbody injures his ankle upon winning the title.
1 Johnny Hotbody Philadelphia, PA 12/Aug/92 Defeated Larry Winters.