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FCW Florida Tag Team Titles

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# Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2 Event Location Date Notes
5 Eric Perez Primo Colon Tampa, Florida 17/Jul/08
4 Drew McIntyre Stu Sanders New Port Richey, FL 07/May/08
3 Primo Colon Eric Perez New Port Richey, FL 15/Apr/08 Defeated "The Natural" Nic Nemeth and "Campus Legend" Brad Allen via DQ with a "titles change hands on a DQ" stipulation added.
2 Nic Nemeth Brad Allen New Port Richey, FL 23/Mar/08
1 Eric Perez Primo Colon New Port Richey, FL 23/Feb/08 Defeated Steve Lewington and Heath Miller in a tournament final to become the first champions.