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DSW Tag Team Titles

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# Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2 Event Location Date Notes
8 Caleb Konley Locust Grove, Georgia 26/Jul/07
7 Derrick Neikirk Mike Knox McDonough, Georgia 18/Mar/07 Title vacated on April 18, 2007 when WWE ended its developmental deal with DSW.
6 Zack Ryder Curt Hawkins McDonough, Georgia 19/Jan/07 Defeated The Samoan Fight Club (Sonny Siaki and Afa, Jr.) and William Regal and Dave Taylor in a three way match.
5 Mike Shane Todd Shane McDonough, Georgia 14/Dec/06 Title vacated on January 19, 2007 due to the release of The Gymini (Known as The Regulators during their Tag Team Reign) on the previous day.
4 Sonny Siaki Eric Perez McDonough, Georgia 30/Nov/06
3 Zack Ryder Curt Hawkins McDonough, Georgia 12/Oct/06
2 Deuce Domino McDonough, Georgia 05/Oct/06
1 Mike Taylor Tony Santorelli McDonough, Georgia 18/May/06 Defeated The Gymini (Jake and Jesse) in a tournament final to become the first champions.