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WWE Intercontinental Title

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# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
127 Drew McIntyre TLC San Antonio, TX 13/Dec/09
126 John Morrison Smackdown! Cleveland, Ohio 04/Sep/09
125 Rey Mysterio The Bash Sacramento, Calif 28/Jun/09
124 Chris Jericho Extreme Rules New Orleans, Louisiana 07/Jun/09
123 Rey Mysterio Wrestlemania 25 Houston, Texas 05/Apr/09
122 John Bradshaw Layfield RAW Jacksonville, FL 09/Mar/09
121 CM Punk RAW Chicago, Illinois 19/Jan/09
120 William Regal RAW Manchester, England 10/Nov/08
119 Santino Marella WWE Summerslam 2008 Indianapolis, IN 17/Aug/08 Won an Intergender Tag Team Match where the winners won both Championships, this match involved the WWE Women's Champion Mickie James who teamed with the Now former WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston. Santino Marella teamed with Beth Phoenix who became the WWE Women's Champion in the same match.
118 Kofi Kingston WWE Night of Champions Dallas, Texas 29/Jun/08 After Shawn Michaels distracting Chris Jericho, Kofi Kingston hit a Trouble In Paradise for the 3 count and to become the new Intercontinental champion.
117 Chris Jericho WWE RAW Milwaukee, WI 10/Mar/08
116 Jeff Hardy WWE RAW Columbus, OH 02/Sep/07
115 Umaga WWE RAW Dallas, TX 02/Jul/07
114 Santino Marella WWE RAW Milan, Italy 16/Apr/07 Wins a no-holds barred match on RAW.
113 Umaga WWE RAW Bakersfield, CA 19/Feb/07
112 Jeff Hardy WWE RAW Manchester, England 13/Nov/06
111 John Morrison WWE RAW Columbus, OH 06/Nov/06 Wins the title in a No-DQ match.
110 Jeff Hardy WWE RAW Topeka, KS 02/Oct/06
109 John Morrison WWE Vengeance Charlotte, NC 25/Jun/06 Wins a triple threat match at Vengeance, also involving Carlito and Benjamin.
108 Shelton Benjamin WWE RAW Lubbock, TX 15/May/06 Won a a 3-on-2 Handicap Texas Tornado match on RAW featuring Benjamin, Chris Masters and Triple H against WWE Champion John Cena and Rob Van Dam, in which anyone to beat Cena or Van Dam would win their respective title; Benjamin pinned Van Dam.
107 Rob Van Dam WWE Backlash Lexington, KY 30/Apr/06 Won the title with Van Dam's Money in the Bank contract also on the line.
106 Shelton Benjamin WWE RAW Trenton, NJ 20/Feb/06
105 Ric Flair WWE Unforgiven Oklahoma City, OK 18/Sep/05
104 Carlito WWE RAW Phoenix, AZ 20/Jun/05
103 Shelton Benjamin WWE Taboo Tuesday Milwaukee, WI 19/Oct/04
102 Chris Jericho WWE Unforgiven Portland, OR 12/Sep/04 Beats Christian in a ladder match to win the title.
101 Edge WWE Vengeance Hartford, CT 11/Jul/04 The title is later vacated when Edge suffers an injury.
100 Randy Orton WWE Armageddon Orlando, FL 14/Dec/03 Randy Orton wins the belt, with Mick Foley acting as a special referee in the match.
99 Rob Van Dam WWE RAW Fayetteville, NC 27/Oct/03 RVD regains the title by winning against Jericho in a Steel Cage.
98 Chris Jericho WWE RAW Fayetteville, NC 27/Oct/03
97 Rob Van Dam WWE RAW Chicago, IL 29/Sep/03 RVD wins a ladder match on RAW, and wins the belt.
96 Christian Cage WWE House Show Des Moines, IA 10/Aug/03 Booker screamed out in pain when going for an Axe Kick and Christian's 3rd Reign was the result of Booker needing time off to heal his injured back.
95 Booker T WWE RAW Montreal, QC 07/Jul/03
94 Christian Cage WWE Judgment Day Charlotte, NC 18/May/03 The Intercontinental Title is reinstated, and Christian eliminates Booker T in a battle royal to win the title.
93 Triple H WWE No Mercy Little Rock, AR 20/Oct/02 This was a unification match at No Mercy to unify the Intercontinental title into Triple H's World Heavyweight Championship. Some organisations don't recognise Triple H's win of the Intercontinental Title, however the PWA has concluded that although the Intercontinental Title was unified...the belt was on the line, and thus Triple H's reign counts.
92 Kane WWE RAW Houston, TX 30/Sep/02
91 Chris Jericho WWE RAW Denver, CO 16/Sep/02
90 Rob Van Dam WWE Summerslam Uniondale, NY 25/Aug/02 Later unifies the Hardcore Title after defeating Tommy Dreamer on the 26th of August.
89 Chris Benoit WWE RAW Greensboro, NC 29/Jun/02
88 Rob Van Dam WWE RAW Edmonton, AB 27/May/02 Later unifies the European Title with the Intercontinental Title after defeating Jeff Hardy on the 21st of July.
87 Eddie Guerrero WWE Backlash Kansas City, MO 21/Apr/02 The title was renamed the WWE Intercontinental Championship on May 6, 2002 after World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. settled a lawsuit with the World Wide Fund for Nature, and dropped "Federation" from all references in the company.
86 Rob Van Dam WWE Wrestlemania X8 Toronto, ON 17/Mar/02
85 William Regal WWE Royal Rumble Atlanta, GA 20/Jan/02
84 Edge WWE Survivor Series Greensboro, NC 18/Nov/01 Edge unifies the WCW United States championship by winning the Intercontinental Title belt.
83 Test WWE RAW Uniondale, NY 05/Nov/01
82 Edge WWE No Mercy St. Louis, MO 21/Oct/01 Edge wins a ladder match at No Mercy against Christian.
81 Christian Cage WWE Unforgiven Pittsburgh, PA 23/Sep/01
80 Edge WWE Summerslam San Jose, CA 19/Aug/01
79 Lance Storm WWE RAW Buffalo, NY 23/Jul/01
78 Giant Bernard WWE Smackdown! New York, NY 26/Jun/01 Albert wins a No-DQ match against Kane.
77 Kane WWE Judgment Day Sacramento, CA 20/May/01 Kane wins a chain match, and wins the belt.
76 Triple H WWE RAW Knoxville, TN 16/Apr/01
75 Jeff Hardy WWE Smackdown! Philadelphia, PA 10/Apr/01
74 Triple H WWE RAW Tulsa, OK 03/Apr/01
73 Chris Jericho WWE Royal Rumble New Orleans, LA 21/Jan/01 Jericho wins a ladder match to win the title.
72 Chris Benoit WWE Armageddon Birmingham, AL 10/Dec/00
71 Kip James WWE Smackdown! Ft. Lauderdale, FL 21/Nov/00
70 Eddie Guerrero WWE RAW Lexington, KY 04/Sep/00 Guerrero defeats Chyna and Kurt Angle in a triple threat match.
69 Chyna WWE Summerslam Raleigh, NC 27/Aug/00 Chyna wins the title in a mixed tag match, where she and Eddie Guerrero face Venis and Trish Stratus, in which the winner of the fall would win the title. Chyna pinned Stratus.
68 Val Venis WWE Smackdown! Fort Lauderdale, FL 04/Jul/00
67 Junior Fatu WWE Smackdown! Memphis, TN 20/Jun/00
66 Chris Benoit WWE RAW Uniondale, NY 08/May/00
65 Chris Jericho WWE Smackdown! Richmond, VA 02/May/00
64 Chris Benoit WWE Wrestlemania 2000 Anaheim, CA 02/Apr/00 Benoit defeats Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho in a three way match to win the title.
63 Kurt Angle WWE No Way Out Hartford, CT 27/Feb/00
62 Chris Jericho Royal Rumble New York, NY 23/Jan/00 Jericho defeats Chyna and Hardcore Holly in a triple threat match at Royal Rumble to become the sole Intercontinental champion.
61 Chyna WWE RAW Miami, FL 03/Jan/00 On December 28, 1999 on SmackDown!, a title match between Chyna and Jericho ended in a double pinfall; as a result, on the January 3, 2000 RAW is WAR, they were recognized as co-champions.
60 Chris Jericho WWE Armageddon Fort Lauderdale, FL 12/Dec/99
59 Chyna WWE No Mercy Cleveland, OH 17/Oct/99 Chyna beats Jeff Jarrett in a Good Housekeeping match to become the first ever female intercontinental champion.
58 Jeff Jarrett WWE Summerslam Minneapolis, MN 22/Aug/99 Won the title at SummerSlam. Brown's European Championship was also on the line, so Jarrett won both titles.
57 D'Lo Brown WWE RAW Columbus, OH 26/Jul/99 Won the title on RAW. Brown's European Championship was also on the line in the match.
56 Jeff Jarrett WWE Fully Loaded Buffalo, NY 25/Jul/99
55 Edge Toronto, ON 24/Jul/99
54 Jeff Jarrett WWE RAW Moline, IL 31/May/99
53 The Godfather WWE RAW Detroit, MI 12/Apr/99
52 Black Reign WWE RAW E.Rutherford, NJ 29/Mar/99
51 BG James WWE RAW San Jose, CA 15/Mar/99
50 Val Venis WWE In Your House: St Valentines Day Massacre Memphis, TN 14/Feb/99 Won the match with Billy Gunn as the special referee.
49 Ken Shamrock WWE RAW Uniondale, NY 12/Oct/98 Defeats X-Pac in the final of a tournament.
48 Triple H WWE Summerslam New York, NY 30/Aug/98 Triple H wins the title in a ladder match. He is later forced to forfeit the title to due to knee surgery for an injury he suffered.
47 The Rock WWE RAW Portland, ME 08/Dec/97 Steve Austin forfeits (injury), and hands over the title to The Rock on RAW.
46 Steve Austin WWE Survivor Series Montreal, QC, Canada 09/Nov/97
45 Owen Hart WWE In Your House: Badd Blood St. Louis, MO 05/Oct/97
44 Steve Austin WWE Summerslam East Rutherford, NJ 03/Aug/97 The title was later vacanted when WWF Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter suspended Steve Austin and announces a tournament to be held for the title.
43 Owen Hart WWE RAW Omaha, NB 28/Apr/97
42 The Rock WWE RAW Lowell, MA 19/Feb/97
41 Triple H WWE RAW Ft. Wayne, IN 21/Oct/96
40 Marc Mero WWE RAW Hershey, PA 23/Sep/96 Mero defeats Farooq in a tournament final.
39 Ahmed Johnson WWE King of the Ring Milwaukee, WI 23/Jun/96 On August 12th, the title was vacanted because of an injury suffered by Ahmed Johnson.
38 Black Reign WWE RAW San Bernardino, CA 01/Apr/96 Goldust defeated Vega in a rematch to regain the title.
37 Black Reign WWE Royal Rumble Fresno, CA 21/Jan/96 The title was later held-up after a title defense against Savio Vega ended in a no contest.
36 Scott Hall WWE In Your House 4 Winnipeg, MB 22/Oct/95
35 Shane Douglas WWE In Your House 4 Winnipeg, MB 22/Oct/95 Douglas won the title by forfeit at In Your House 4 due to Michaels being legitimately attacked outside a nightclub in Syracuse, NY on October 14, 1995.
34 Shawn Michaels WWE In Your House 2 Nashville, TN 23/Jul/95
33 Jeff Jarrett Trois-Rivières, QC 22/May/95
32 Scott Hall Montreal, QC, Canada 19/May/95 Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) won a ladder match to win the belt.
31 Jeff Jarrett Moline, IL 26/Apr/95 The title was held up after a controversial finish against Bob Holly. In the rematch however, Jarrett won the title again.
30 Jeff Jarrett WWE Royal Rumble Tampa, FL 22/Jan/95
29 Scott Hall WWE Summerslam Chicago, IL 29/Aug/94
28 Kevin Nash WWE Superstars Rochester, NY 13/Apr/94
27 Scott Hall New Haven, CT 27/Sep/93 Razor Ramon won a battle royal by eliminating Rick Martel to become the new Intercontinental Champion.
26 Shawn Michaels Albany, NY 06/Jun/93 Michaels was later stripped of the title for failing to defend it in 30 days.
25 Marty Jannetty WWE RAW New York, NY 17/May/93
24 Shawn Michaels WWE Saturday Nights Main Event Terre Haute, IN 27/Oct/92
23 The British Bulldog WWE Summerslam London, England 29/Aug/92 The Intercontinental Championship Match between Hart and The British Bulldog is another match that has been dubbed the greatest in WWE History, many Wrestling experts and fans alike believing it to be the finest match of Bulldogs career.
22 Bret Hart WWE Wrestlemania VII Indianapolis, IN 05/Apr/92
21 Roddy Piper WWE Royal Rumble Albany, NY 19/Jan/92
20 The Mountie Springfield, MA 17/Jan/92
19 Bret Hart WWE Summerslam New York, NY 28/Aug/91
18 Curt Hennig WWE Superstars Rochester, NY 19/Nov/90
17 Kerry Von Erich WWE Summerslam Philadelphia, PA 27/Aug/90
16 Curt Hennig Austin, TX 23/Apr/90 After the Ultimate Warrior vacated the Intercontinental Championship after winning the WWE Championship, a tournament was held to determine a new champion. In the final, Mr. Perfect defeated Tito Santana to win his first IC title.
15 The Ultimate Warrior East Rutherford, NJ 28/Aug/89 Warrior did not lose the Intercontinental Championship, he was forced to vacate it after defeating Hulk Hogan for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania VI.
14 Rick Rude WWE WrestleMania V Atlantic City, NJ 02/Apr/89
13 The Ultimate Warrior New York, NY 29/Aug/88
12 Honky Tonk Man Buffalo, NY 02/Jun/87
11 Ricky Steamboat WWE WrestleMania III Pontiac, MI 29/Mar/87 The Steamboat/Savage match at Wrestlemania III is conisidered by many as one of if the not the greatest match in WWE History.
10 Randy Savage Boston, MA 08/Feb/86
9 Tito Santana Baltimore, MD 06/Jul/85
8 Greg Valentine London, Ontario 24/Sep/84
7 Tito Santana Boston, MA 11/Feb/84
6 Don Muraco New York, NY 22/Jan/83
5 Pedro Morales New York, NY 23/Nov/81 When he defeated Don Muraco, Morales made history by becoming the first Superstar to become a two time Intercontinental Champion.
4 Don Muraco Philadelphia, PA 20/Jun/81
3 Pedro Morales New York, NY 08/Dec/80 In winning the Intercontinental Championship, Morales became the first Superstar to win the World Tag Team, Intercontinental and WWE Championships.
2 Ken Patera New York, NY 21/Apr/80
1 Pat Patterson Rio de Janeiro 01/Jul/79 Pat Patterson defeated Ted DiBiase for the newly created WWE North American Championship. Patterson then defended the title in a tournament in Rio De Janeiro in September 1979. He then unified his title with the South American Championship, becoming the first ever Intercontinental Champion.