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MCW Tag Team Titles

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# Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2 Event Location Date Notes
28 2-Dope Qeenan Creed Dundalk, MD 04/May/08 Won in a Thee-way
27 Johnny Hardwick Zachary Shane Dundalk, MD 05/Apr/08 Won a Three-way
26 2-Dope Sydeswype Dundalk, MD 04/Nov/07
25 Sabian Ruckus Bel Air, MD 21/Apr/07 Won a Three-way
24 Buzz Stryker Kelly Bell Glen Burnie, MD 28/Dec/06
23 The Bruiser Genesis Dundalk, MD 10/Sep/06
22 Scott Fowler Jason Static Dundalk, MD 07/May/06
21 Danny Doring Danny Jaxx Dundalk, MD 26/Mar/06 Won a Four-way.
20 BG James Kip James Dundalk, MD 26/Feb/06 Won a Three-way
19 Chad Bowman Dino Divine Dundalk, MD 26/Feb/06 Won in a Four-Way. MCW Re-opened earlier in the month
18 2-Dope Sydeswype Glen Burnie, MD 16/Jul/03 Won a Three-way also featuring the MEWF Tag Team Championships in-which were unified with the MCW Tag Team Championships. July 16 2003 - MCW closed.
17 Chad Bowman Dino Divine Glen Burnie, MD 22/May/02
16 Joey Matthews Christian York Paw Paw, WV 03/Nov/01
15 Earl The Pearl Rich Myers Glen Burnie, MD 18/Jul/01 Won a Three-way
14 2-Dope Sydeswype Middle River, MD 09/Jun/01 Won a Three-way
13 Romeo Valentino Ronnie Zukko Glen Burnie, MD 21/Feb/01
12 Christopher Carmichael Dino Divine Ocean City, MD 02/Aug/00 Defeated Matthews & York, The Executioners and Ghetto Mafia in a four-way match.
11 Joey Matthews Christian York Glen Burnie, MD 17/May/00
10 Earl The Pearl Rich Myers Glen Burnie, MD 19/Jan/00 Defeated Jimmy Cicero & Chad Austin and Joey Matthews & Christian York in a three-way match.
9 Jerry Lawler The Bruiser Owings Mills, MD 13/Nov/99 Titles vacated when Lawler is unable to defend.
8 Romeo Valentino Jimmy Cicero Dundalk, MD 08/Jul/99
7 The Bruiser Adam Flash Pylesville, MD 22/May/99
6 2-Dope Sydeswype Glen Burnie, MD 16/May/99
5 The Bruiser Danny Rose Dundalk, MD 02/May/99
4 2-Dope Sydeswype Dundalk, MD 07/Feb/99 Defeated Richards & Earl and Quinn Nash & Joey Matthews in a three-way match.
3 Stevie Richards Earl The Pearl Glen Burnie, MD 04/Nov/98
2 Julio Dinero Jimmy Cicero Baltimore, MD 18/Sep/98
1 Mosh Thrasher Baltimore, MD 18/Aug/98 Defeated Julio Sanchez & Jimmy Cicero in a tournament final to become the first champions.