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IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title

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# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
54 Tiger Mask IV Tokyo, Japan 08/Jul/08 Defeats Prince Devitt in a 12-man tournament final.
53 Wataru Inoue Circuit 2007 New Japan Alive tour Osaka, Japan 08/Dec/07 June 16th 2008 - Vacated due to Inoue graduating to the heavyweight division.
52 Ryusuke Taguchi Circuit 2007 New Japan Soul tour Tokyo, Japan 06/Jul/07
51 Minoru Battle Xmas! Catch the Victory Tokyo, Japan 24/Dec/06
50 Koji Kanemoto New Japan Cup Special tour Fukuoka, Japan 03/May/06
49 Tiger Mask IV Circuit 2006 Acceleration tour Tokyo, Japan 19/Feb/06 Also for Black Tiger's NWA World Junior Heavyweight title
48 Rocky Romero Toukon Souzou New Chapter Tokyo, Japan 08/Oct/05 Also for Rocky Romero's NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship.
47 Tiger Mask IV Toukon Festival ~ Wrestling World Tokyo, Japan 04/Jan/05
46 Minoru Battle Final tour Nagoya, Japan 14/Dec/03
45 Jado Ultimate Crush II Tokyo, Japan 13/Oct/03 Won a Battle Royal
44 Tiger Mask IV Strong Energy tour Hiroshima, Japan 23/Apr/03 Title was vacated
43 Koji Kanemoto Sapporo Toukon Memorial Day 1st Sapporo, Japan 19/Jul/02
42 Minoru Fighting Spirit tour Tokyo, Japan 16/Feb/02
41 Kendo Kashin Indicate of Next Tokyo, Japan 08/Oct/01
40 Masayuki Naruse Dome Quake Sapporo, Japan 20/Jul/01
39 Minoru Get a Right!! BLACK vs. G-EGGS tour Kobe, Japan 29/Oct/00
38 Tatsuhito Takaiwa Summer Struggle tour Sapporo, Japan 20/Jul/00
37 Jushin Liger WCW Monday Nitro Milwaukee, WI 06/Dec/99 Defeated Psychosis who subbed for the Injured Juvuntud Guerrera
36 Juventud Guerrera WCW Monday Nitro Denver, CO 29/Nov/99
35 Jushin Liger Final Dome Tokyo, Japan 11/Oct/99
34 Kendo Kashin Jingu Climax Tokyo, Japan 28/Aug/99
33 Koji Kanemoto Hyper Battle tour Hiroshima, Japan 17/Mar/99
32 Jushin Liger Fighting Spirit tour Sapporo, Japan 07/Feb/98
31 Shinjiro Otani The Four Heaven Nagoya, Japan 10/Aug/97 On November 5, 1997, Otani vacates all J-Crown belts but the IWGP title after the WWF retakes control of its Light Heavyweight title, effectively sealing the J-Crown.
30 El Samurai Summer Struggle tour Sapporo, Japan 06/Jul/97
29 Jushin Liger Wrestling World Tokyo, Japan 04/Jan/97 Liger loses the WAR Junior title from the J-Crown on June 6, 1997, but continues to defend the other 7 belts
28 Ultimo Dragon Osaka, Japan 11/Oct/96
27 The Great Sasuke Battle Formation Tokyo, Japan 29/Apr/96 Won the title at Battle Formation. On August 5, 1996, Sasuke wins an 8-man tournament on the G1 Climax tour to form the J-Crown, an octuple-belt championship that includes the IWGP Junior title; these titles are still considered separate, but are defended together
26 Jushin Liger Wrestling World Tokyo, Japan 04/Jan/96
25 Koji Kanemoto Tokyo, Japan 14/Jul/95 This match was also for the UWA World Welterweight Championship
24 Sabu Wrestling Dontaku Fukuoka, Japan 03/May/95
23 Koji Kanemoto Tokyo, Japan 19/Feb/95
22 Norio Honaga G1 Climax Special tour Osaka, Japan 27/Sep/94
21 Jushin Liger Tokyo, Japan 04/Jan/93 Vacated due to Injury
20 Ultimo Dragon Tokyo, Japan 22/Nov/92
19 El Samurai Tokyo, Japan 26/Jun/92
18 Jushin Liger Sapporo, Japan 08/Feb/92
17 Norio Honaga Tokyo, Japan 05/Nov/91
16 Akira Nogami Tokyo, Japan 09/Aug/91
15 Jushin Liger Tokyo, Japan 12/Jun/91
14 Norio Honaga Tokyo, Japan 30/Apr/91 Defeated Jushin Liger in the finals of the Top of the Super Juniors tournament.
13 Jushin Liger Tokyo, Japan 01/Nov/90 Title was Vacated
12 Chris Benoit Tokyo, Japan 19/Aug/90
11 Jushin Liger Osaka, Japan 31/Jan/90
10 Naoki Sano Tokyo, Japan 10/Aug/89
9 Jushin Liger Osaka, Japan 25/May/89
8 Hiroshi Hase Yokohama, Japan 16/Mar/89
7 Shiro Koshinaka Osaka, Japan 24/Jun/88
6 Owen Hart Sendai, Japan 27/May/88
5 Hiroshi Hase Inoki Toukon Live III Tokyo, Japan 27/Dec/87
4 Kuniaki Kobayashi Tokyo, Japan 20/Aug/87 Defeated Nobuhiko Takada.
3 Shiro Koshinaka Fukuoka, Japan 19/Sep/86 Vacated due to Injury
2 Nobuhiko Takada Tokyo, Japan 19/May/86
1 Shiro Koshinaka Tokyo, Japan 06/Feb/86 Defeated The Cobra