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IWGP Heavyweight Title

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# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
48 Great Muta Circuit 2008 New Japan Brave tour Osaka, Japan 27/Apr/08
47 Shinsuke Nakamura Wrestle Kingdom II Tokyo, Japan 04/Jan/08 Defeated Kurt Angle on February 17, 2008 on the Circuit 2008 New Japan ISM tour to unify the IWGP Third Belt title.
46 Hiroshi Tanahashi Explosion '07 Tokyo, Japan 08/Oct/07
45 Yuji Nagata Circuit 2007 New Japan Brave tour Osaka, Japan 13/Apr/07
44 Hiroshi Tanahashi Circuit 2006 Turbulence tour Sapporo, Japan 17/Jul/06 Won a Tournament Final
43 Brock Lesnar Toukon Souzou New Chapter Tokyo, Japan 08/Oct/05 Won a Three-way. Vacated when Lesnar has troubles with his Visa and later refused to return the Championship which was later recognized as the IGF Title or the IWGP Third Title
42 Kazuyuki Fujita Summer Fight Series tou Sapporo, Japan 18/Jul/05
41 Hiroyoshi Tenzan Nexess VI Tokyo, Japan 14/May/05
40 Satoshi Kojima New Year Gold Series tour Tokyo, Japan 20/Feb/05 Also for Kojima's AJPW Triple Crown Championship.
39 Hiroyoshi Tenzan Battle Final tour Nagoya, Japan 12/Dec/04
38 Kazuyuki Fujita Pro-Wrestlers Be Strongest Tokyo, Japan 09/Oct/04
37 Bob Sapp King of Sports Tokyo, Japan 28/Mar/04 Vacated after Sapp lost a K-1 fight to Kazuyuki Fujita
36 Kensuke Sasaki Hyper Battle tour Tokyo, Japan 12/Mar/04
35 Hiroyoshi Tenzan Fighting Spirit tour Tokyo, Japan 14/Feb/04 Won a tournament final
34 Shinsuke Nakamura Battle Final tour Osaka, Japan 09/Dec/03 Defeated Yoshihiro Takayama on January 4, 2004 at Wrestling World in Tokyo to unify Takayama's NWF title into the IWGP title. Vacated due to Injuries
33 Hiroyoshi Tenzan Yokohama Dead Out Yokohama, Japan 03/Nov/03
32 Yoshihiro Takayama Ultimate Crush Tokyo, Japan 02/May/03 Also for Takayama's NWF Heavyweight Championship
31 Yuji Nagata Toukon Special Tokyo, Japan 05/Apr/02
30 Tadao Yasuda Fighting Spirit tour Tokyo, Japan 16/Feb/02 Won Tournament Final
29 Kazuyuki Fujita Strong Style Osaka, Japan 09/Apr/01 Vacated due to Injury
28 Scott Norton Hyper Battle tour Nagoya, Japan 17/Mar/01
27 Kensuke Sasaki Wrestling World Tokyo, Japan 04/Jan/01 Won a Tournament Final
26 Kensuke Sasaki Wrestling World Tokyo, Japan 09/Oct/00 Vacated
25 Genichiro Tenryu Battle Final tour Osaka, Japan 10/Dec/99
24 Great Muta Wrestling World Tokyo, Japan 04/Jan/99
23 Scott Norton Big Wednesday Yokohama, Japan 23/Sep/98
22 Masahiro Chono Rising the Next Generations Osaka, Japan 08/Aug/98 Vacated due to Injury
21 Tatsumi Fujinami Antonio Inoki Retirement Show Tokyo, Japan 04/Apr/98
20 Kensuke Sasaki Final Power Hall in Yokohama Yokohama, Japan 31/Aug/97
19 Shinya Hashimoto Battle Formation Tokyo, Japan 29/Apr/96
18 Nobuhiko Takada Wrestling World Tokyo, Japan 04/Jan/96
17 Great Muta Wrestling Dontaku Fukuoka, Japan 03/May/95
16 Shinya Hashimoto Wrestling Dontaku Fukuoka, Japan 01/May/94
15 Tatsumi Fujinami Battle Line Kyushu tour Hiroshima, Japan 04/Apr/94
14 Shinya Hashimoto Nagoya, Japan 20/Sep/93
13 Great Muta Fukuoka, Japan 16/Aug/92
12 Riki Choshu Starrcade 1992 Tokyo, Japan 04/Jan/92
11 Tatsumi Fujinami Starrcade 1991 Hiroshima, Japan 04/Mar/91 Defeated Ric Flair, Also for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship
10 Vader Yokohama, Japan 17/Jan/91
9 Tatsumi Fujinami Hamamatsu, Japan 26/Dec/90
8 Riki Choshu Tokyo, Japan 19/Aug/90
7 Vader Tokyo, Japan 10/Aug/89
6 Riki Choshu Osaka, Japan 12/Jul/89
5 Salman Hashimikov Osaka, Japan 25/May/89
4 Vader Tokyo, Japan 24/Apr/89 Defeated Shinya Hashimoto in a Tournament final where Lou Thesz was the Special Ref
3 Tatsumi Fujinami Osaka, Japan 24/Jun/88 Vacated
2 Tatsumi Fujinami Tokyo, Japan 08/May/88 Defeated Vader
1 Antonio Inoki Tokyo, Japan 12/Jun/87 Vacated due to Injury