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BCW Can-Am Tag Team Titles

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# Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2 Event Location Date Notes
25 Jimmy Jacobs Phil Atlas Oldcastle, Ontario 22/Jul/05
24 N8 Mattson Danny Daniels Windsor, Ontario 27/Feb/05
23 Petey Williams Robert Roode Windsor, Ontario 19/Sep/04 Defeated Mattson and Eddie Venom (subbing for Martini) to win the titles.
22 Truth Martini N8 Mattson Windsor, Ontario 27/Jun/04 Defeated Gutter and D-Ray 3000 (subbing for Hacker) to win the titles.
21 Hacker Gutter Oldcastle, Ontario 27/May/03
20 El Tornado Tyson Dux Ottawa, Ontario 17/Jan/03
19 El Tornado Tyson Dux Oldcastle, Ontario 10/Oct/02 Defeated Cyrus, Taylor and Traci Brooks in a handicap match.
18 Gutter Hacker Toronto, Ontario 16/Jan/02 Defeated Dux & Tornado and Ruffy Silverstein & Trent Steele in a three-way match.
17 Don Callis Terry Taylor Oldcastle, Ontario 10/Oct/01 Scott D'Amore and Sabu defeated Taylor and Cyrus on March 12, 2002 in Oldcastle, Ontario to win the titles. However, since Sabu, who replaced Simon Diamond as D'Amore's partner last minute, was not officially in the match, the match was declared non-title, and the titles are returned to Taylor and Cyrus.
16 Tyson Dux Jack Damage Windsor, Ontario 14/Jul/01
15 Mike Legacy Chris Church Windsor, Ontario 14/Jul/01
14 Johnny Parisi Otis Apollo Oldcastle, Ontario 07/Mar/01
13 Dyson Pryce Geza Kalman Jr. Tecumseh, Ontario 26/Aug/00
12 Larry Destiny Bobby Clancy London, Ontario 16/Jul/00
11 Barry Horowitz Otis Apollo Windsor, Ontario 15/Jul/00 Defeated Bobby Clancy and Larry Destiny to win the vacant titles.
10 Chris Valentino Rocco DiVinci Windsor, Ontario 10/Feb/00 Defeated Canadian Lightning to win the titles. Vacated
9 Denny Kass Otis Apollo LaSalle, Ontario 12/Apr/97
8 Mike Legacy Bobby Clancy LaSalle, Ontario 16/Aug/96
7 Rico Rodriguez Calavera Cortez LaSalle, Ontario 23/Jun/95
6 Mike Legacy Ric Austin Oldcastle, Ontario 20/Jan/95 Defeated Purple Haze (Chris Pilon and Tommy Wonder) to win the vacant titles.
5 Scott Summers Johnny Paradise Jackson Center, Ohio 04/Jun/94 Vacated
4 Bobby Clancy Otis Apollo 21/May/94 Otis Apollo replaces D'Amore as Clancy's partner. Somewhere in Late-May 1994
3 Scott D'Amore Bobby Clancy Macomb, Michigan 21/May/94
2 Al Snow Denny Kass LaSalle, Ontario 14/May/94
1 Bobby Clancy Otis Apollo LaSalle, Ontario 29/May/93 Defeated Canadian Destroyer and Chris Pilon to become the first champions.