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WEC Light Heavyweight Title

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# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
6 Brian Stann WEC 33 Las Vegas, NV 26/Mar/08 Brian Stann defeat Doug Marshall at WEC 33 to become the sixth WEC Light Heavyweight champion.
5 Doug Marshall WEC 23 Lemoore, CA 17/Aug/06 Doug Marshall defeat Lodune Sincaid at WEC 23 to become the new Light Heavyweight champion. He was the first Light Heavyweight champion in the WEC to defend the title successfully, and he did it twice. At WEC 27 he defeat Justin McElfresh and he defeat Ariel Gandulla at WEC 31.
4 Lodune Sincaid WEC 20 Lemoore, CA 05/May/06 Lodune Sincaid defeat Dan Molina at WEC 20 to become the forth WEC Light Heavyweight champion.
3 Scott Smith WEC 17 Lemoore, CA 14/Oct/05 Scott Smith defeat Tait Fletcher on October 14, 2005 at WEC 17 to win the vacant WEC Light Heavyweight championship. Scott Smith successfully defended the title once against Justin Levens before vacating the title in May of 2006 to appear on the Ultimate Fighter.
2 Jason Lambert WEC 13 Lemoore, CA 22/Jan/05 Jason Lambert defeat Richard Montoya for the vacant WEC Light Heavyweight championship on January 22, 2005 at WEC 13. Lambert went on to vacate the title in October of 2005 to fight for the UFC.
1 Frank Shamrock WEC 6 Lemoore, CA 27/Mar/03 Frank Shamrock defeat Bryan Pardoe at WEC 6 to become the first WEC Light Heavyweight champion. Frank never went on to defend the title as he vacated the title in August of 2003 to fight for Strikeforce.