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NWA Canadian Heavyweight (Toronto) Title

There is currently no picture of this title
# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
16 Angelo Mosca Jr Toronto, ON 10/Jun/84 Title Retired when Maple Leaf Wrestling is sold to the WWF.
15 Ivan Koloff Toronto, ON 29/Apr/84 Defeats Brian Adidas in tournament final
14 Angelo Mosca Toronto, ON 22/Jan/84 Title Vacated
13 Sgt. Slaughter Toronto, ON 24/Jul/83
12 Angelo Mosca Toronto, ON 17/Jan/82
11 Big John Studd Toronto, ON 20/Sep/81
10 Angelo Mosca Toronto, ON 26/Jul/81
9 Mr. Fuji Toronto, Ontario 12/Jul/81
8 Angelo Mosca Toronto, Ontario 28/Dec/80
7 Iron Sheik Toronto, ON 10/Aug/80
6 Angelo Mosca Toronto, Ontario 20/Jul/80
5 Iron Sheik Toronto, ON 25/May/80
4 The Missing Link Toronto, ON 07/Sep/79 Defeats Greg Valentine in tournament final
3 Dino Bravo Toronto, ON 03/Jun/79 Vacated when Bravo leaves the area
2 Greg Valentine Toronto, ON 08/Mar/79
1 Dino Bravo Toronto, ON 17/Dec/78 Defeats Gene Kiniski