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WWE United States Title

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# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
23 The Miz RAW Wilkes-Barr, PA 05/Oct/09
22 Kofi Kingston Raw Birmingham, AL 01/Jun/09
21 Montel Vontavious Porter Smackdown Corpus Christi, TX 17/Mar/09
20 Shelton Benjamin WWE Great American Bash 2008 Uniondale, New York 20/Jul/08
19 Matt Hardy Backlash Baltimore, Maryland 27/Apr/08 Matt Hardy defeats MVP to earn his first major singles title of his career. Hardy ended the match after MVP was hit with the Twist of Fate.
18 Montel Vontavious Porter WWE Judgment Day St. Louis, MO 20/May/07
17 Chris Benoit WWE Smackdown! Jacksonville, FL 10/Oct/06
16 Mr. Kennedy WWE Smackdown! Reading, PA 29/Aug/06 Wins a triple threat match; also involving Bobby Lashley.
15 Finlay WWE Smackdown! Minneapolis, MN 11/Jul/06
14 Bobby Lashley WWE Smackdown! Bakersfield, CA 23/May/06
13 John Bradshaw Layfield Wrestlemania 22 Chicago, IL 02/Apr/06
12 Chris Benoit WWE No Way Out Baltimore, MD 19/Feb/06
11 Booker T WWE Smackdown! Philadelphia, PA 10/Jan/06 Title vacated on the November 25 SmackDown! when a title defense against Chris Benoit ended in a double pinfall. Booker faced Benoit in a Best of Seven series, winning the first three matches; Randy Orton substituted for Booker after that due to injury, losing the next three matches but winning the final on the January 13 SmackDown!.
10 Booker T WWE Smackdown! Reno, NV 18/Oct/05
9 Chris Benoit WWE Summerslam Washington, D.C 21/Aug/05
8 Orlando Jordan WWE Smackdown! Albany, NY 01/Mar/05
7 John Cena WWE Smackdown! Dayton, OH 16/Nov/04
6 Carlito WWE Smackdown! Boston, MA 05/Oct/04
5 John Cena WWE No Mercy East Rutherford, NJ 03/Oct/04 Defeated Booker T in the fifth match of a Best of Five series.
4 Booker T WWE Smackdown! Cincinnati, OH 27/Jul/04 Cena was stripped of the title after attacking SmackDown! general manager Kurt Angle on July 8th 2004. Booker T won the title after winning an 8-way elimination match, also involving John Cena, René Duprée, Kenzo Suzuki, Rob Van Dam, Billy Gunn, Charlie Haas and Luther Reigns.
3 John Cena WWE Wrestlemania XX New York, NY 14/Mar/04
2 The Big Show WWE No Mercy Baltimore, MD 19/Oct/03
1 Eddie Guerrero WWE Vengeance Denver, CO 27/Jul/03 Eddie Guerrero defeats Chris Benoit in a tournament final at Vengeance to win the title. The belt was previously used in WCW (and for a brief while in WWE) as the "WCW United States" title. The WWE recognises the NWA/WCW history, however PWA has concluded that seeing as the title had a completely new start in WWE, that it should have a separate history.