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AAA World Mixed Tag Team Titles

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# Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2 Event Location Date Notes
5 Mari Apache Gran Apache Madero, Tamaulipas 20/Nov/07 Defeated Billy Boy & Fabi Apache, Espiritu & La Diabolica and and Ayako Hamada & Mr. Niebla in a four-way match to win the vacant title.
4 Cynthia Moreno El Oriental Guadalajara, Jalisco 10/Dec/05 Defeated Chessman and La Diabólica in a tournament final to win the title. Title vacated on November 30, 2007 due to Moreno being injured.
3 Faby Apache Gran Apache Guadalupe, Puebla 01/Aug/04 Defeated the teams of Electro Shock & Lady Apache, Chessman & Tiffany and Orientál & Cynthia Moreno in a four-way match. Title vacated on July 17, 2005 when Fabi Apache no-shows a title defense.
2 Tiffany Chessman San Luis Potosí, San Luis P 16/Sep/03
1 Lady Apache Electro Shock Naucalpan, México 15/Jul/03 Defeated the teams of Gran Apache & Fabi Apache, El Brazo & Martha Villalobos and Chessman & Tiffany in an elimination match to become the first champions.