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Dragon Gate Open the Dream Gate Title

There is currently no picture of this title
# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
9 Shingo Takagi Kobe, Japan 27/Jul/08 Defeats BxB Hulk.
8 CIMA Kobe Pro Wrestling Festival 2007 Kobe, Japan 01/Jul/07 Title Vacated due to a neck injury.
7 Jushin Liger Memorial Gate tour Tsu, Japan 25/Mar/07
6 Don Fujii Crown Gate ~Osaka Special~ Osaka, Japan 23/Nov/06
5 Susumu Yokosuka Glorious Gate tour Tokyo, Japan 23/Apr/06
4 Ryo Saito Truth Gate tour Tokyo, Japan 24/Feb/06
3 Magnitude Kishiwada Crown Gate tour Osaka, Japan 04/Nov/05
2 Masaaki Mochizuki The Gate of Legend Tokyo, Japan 16/Dec/04
1 CIMA Kobe, Japan 04/Jul/04 Awarded the title as a result of being the last Ultimo Dragon Gym Champion; this was officially announced in Tokyo on August 1, 2004.