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Dragon Gate Open the Owarai Gate Title

There is currently no picture of this title
# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
8 K-ness Toyama 08/Aug/08 Wins a 3-way match against ICHIKAWA and Jackson Florida.
7 Stalker Ichikawa Kumamoto, Japan 21/Jul/08 ICHIKAWA stole title belt from Johnson after beating him in three way match with K-Ness. Repeated attempts to contact the title belt commissioner were met with only his voicemail, so ICHIKAWA was just named the 7th champion.
6 Johnson Florida Nagoya, Japan 11/Jul/08
5 Jackson Florida Hakata, Fukuoka 03/Feb/08
4 Masaaki Mochizuki Nagoya, Japan 19/Jan/08 Mochizuki won the title by disqualification.
3 Jackson Florida Hyogo, Japan 17/Oct/07 CIMA fails V1 for for various purposes against Stalker Ichikawa. Jackson Florida becomes champion since he was sitting at ringside.
2 CIMA Shizuoka, Shizuoka 08/Oct/07 Defeated Ichikawa and K-ness in a three-way match. Ichikawa failed to gain approval from the crowd, so CIMA, as the match winner, won the title.
1 Stalker Ichikawa Burbank, California 25/May/07 Conceived during a visit to Pro Wrestling Guerrilla; officially defended on June 10 in Fukuoka, Fukuoka.