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NWA North American (Hawaii) Title

There is currently no picture of this title
# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
26 Big John Studd 01/Jun/78 Awarded when Martel leaves.
25 Rick Martel 01/Mar/78 Won somewhere in March 1978
24 Tor Kamata Hawaii 01/Dec/77 Won somewhere in December 1977
23 Sammy Steamboat Hawaii 01/Oct/77 Won somewhere in October 1977
22 John Tolos 01/Jul/77 Awarded somewhere in July 1977
21 Billy Robinson Hawaii 06/Jun/73 Between 1972 & 1973 the Title was Inactive
20 Dusty Rhodes Hawaii 25/Nov/72
19 Sammy Steamboat Hawaii 27/Sep/72
18 Freddie Blassie Hawaii 26/Jul/72
17 Johnny Barend Hawaii 22/Mar/72
16 Sammy Steamboat Hawaii 29/Sep/71
15 Sweet Daddy Siki Hawaii 27/Sep/71
14 Gene Kiniski Hawaii 09/Sep/71
13 Ed Morrow Hawaii 25/Aug/71
12 Gene Kiniski Hawaii 12/May/71
11 Sammy Steamboat Hawaii 24/Feb/71
10 King Curtis Iaukea Hawaii 09/Jan/71
9 Billy Robinson Hawaii 16/Dec/70
8 Dick Beyer Hawaii 30/Sep/70
7 Pedro Morales Hawaii 05/Aug/70
6 Johnny Barend Hawaii 07/Feb/70
5 Pedro Morales Hawaii 05/Nov/69
4 King Curtis Iaukea Hawaii 24/Sep/69
3 Pedro Morales Hawaii 18/Jun/69
2 Gene Kiniski Hawaii 19/Feb/69
1 Professor Tanaka Hawaii 25/Dec/68