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# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
49 Christian Cage Night of Champions Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 26/Jul/09
48 Tommy Dreamer Extreme Rules New Orleans, Louisiana 07/Jun/09
47 Christian Cage Backlash Providence, RI 26/Apr/09
46 Jack Swagger ECW Sioux City, IA 12/Jan/09
45 Matt Hardy Unforgiven Cleveland, Ohio 07/Sep/08 Matt Hardy won the ECW Championship Scramble to become the new ECW Champion at Unforgiven.
44 Mark Henry WWE Night of Champions Dallas, Texas 29/Jun/08 Mark Henry overcame both former ECW Champion Kane and Big Show in a Triple Threat Match at Night of Champions to earn the ECW Title.
43 Kane WrestleMania XXIV Orlando, Florida 30/Mar/08 Chokeslammed Chavo Guerrero and pinned him in 9 seconds.
42 Chavo Guerrero WWE ECW Charlottesville, VA 22/Jan/08 Chavo Guerrero defeated CM Punk for the ECW Championship on Tuesday with assistance from Edge. Edge speared Punk before Chavo got the pin in the No Disqualification Match.
41 Jack Swagger ECW Sioux City, Iowa 13/Jan/08 Beat Matt Hardy for the ECW title. January 13th, 2009
40 CM Punk WWE ECW Cincinnati, OH 01/Sep/07
39 John Morrison WWE Vengeance: Night of Champions Houston, TX 24/Jun/07 The title was vacated from Lashley as he was drafted to RAW. Morrison defeated CM Punk to win the belt, John Morrison who at that time was named Johnny Nitro replaced Chris Benoit who No-Showed the Pay Per View.
38 Bobby Lashley WWE One Night Stand Jacksonville, FL 03/Jun/07 Wins a street fight to gain the title.
37 Vince McMahon WWE Backlash Atlanta, GA 29/Apr/07 Wins a Handicap match, pitting Vince, Shane McMahon and Umaga against Lashley, in which anyone to pin Lashley would win the title.
36 Bobby Lashley WWE December to Dismember Augusta, GA 03/Dec/06 Wins an Extreme Elimination Chamber match, also involving Rob Van Dam, Hardcore Holly, Test and CM Punk.
35 The Big Show WWE ECW Philadelphia, PA 04/Jul/06 Wins an ECW Extreme Rules match to gain the title.
34 Rob Van Dam WWE ECW Trenton, NJ 13/Jun/06 Title revived by WWE. Rob Van Dam was awarded the title by Paul Heyman on ECW for winning the WWE Championship
33 Rhino ECW Guilty as Charged New York, NY 07/Jan/01 Rhino continued to hold the title until ECW folded, he was the last champion under the independant ECW banner.
32 Sandman ECW Guilty as Charged New York, NY 07/Jan/01 Wins a Tables, Ladders, Chairs, and Canes match, also involving Justin Credible.
31 Steve Corino ECW November to Remember Villa Park, IL 05/Nov/00 Wins a Double Jeopardy match, also involving Justin Credible and The Sandman.
30 Jerry Lynn ECW Anarchy Rulz St. Paul, MN 01/Oct/00
29 Justin Credible ECW Cyberslam Philadelphia, PA 22/Apr/00
28 Tommy Dreamer ECW Cyberslam Philadelphia, PA 22/Apr/00
27 Tazz ECW on TNN Indianapolis, IN 13/Apr/00 Tazz (Taz) had signed with WWE shortly after losing the title to Mike Awesome. Awesome, however, had unexpectedly signed with World Championship Wrestling and had shown up on television for that promotion a few weeks before this match. Outraged, Paul Heyman asked Vince McMahon to borrow Tazz for an episode of ECW on TNN to win the title. This was the only time that a WWF wrestler faced a WCW wrestler for an ECW title.
26 Mike Awesome ECW on TNN White Plains, NY 23/Dec/99
25 Masato Tanaka ECW on TNN Nashville, TN 17/Dec/99
24 Mike Awesome ECW Anarchy Rulz Villa Park, IL 19/Sep/99 Wins a three-way dance, also involving Masato Tanaka.
23 Tazz ECW Guilty as Charged Kissimmee, FL 10/Jan/99
22 Shane Douglas ECW November to Remember Monaca, PA 30/Nov/97
21 Bam Bam Bigelow Queens, NY 16/Oct/97
20 Shane Douglas ECW Hardcore Heaven Ft. Lauderdale, FL 17/Aug/97 Wins a three-way dance, also involving Terry Funk.
19 Sabu ECW Born to Be Wired Philadelphia, PA 09/Aug/97 Wins a barbed wire match to gain the title.
18 Terry Funk ECW Barely Legal Philadelphia, PA 13/Apr/97
17 Raven ECW Holiday Hell Philadelphia, PA 07/Dec/96 Wins a barbed wire match to gain the title.
16 Sandman ECW Ultimate Jeopardy Philadelphia, PA 05/Oct/96 Defeated Stevie Richards in a tag team match with Sandman and Tommy Dreamer vs. Richards and Brian Lee when Raven no-showed.
15 Raven Philadelphia, PA 27/Jan/96
14 Sandman ECW December to Dismember Philadelphia, PA 09/Dec/95 Wins a three-way dance at December to Dismember, also involving Steve Austin.
13 Mikey Whipwreck Philadelphia, PA 28/Oct/95 Wins a ladder match to gain the title.
12 Sandman ECW Hostile City Showdown Philadelphia, PA 15/Apr/95
11 Shane Douglas Devon, PA 26/Mar/94 Pinned Terry Funk in an 8-man WarGames match with Douglas, Mr. Hughes and The Public Enemy vs. Funk, Road Warrior Hawk, Kevin Sullivan and the Tazmaniac. On August 27, 1994 at Philadelphia, PA, Douglas pinned 2 Cold Scorpio in a tournament final to become the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, but immediately relinquished the title. Days later, ECW withdrew from the NWA and renamed itself as Extreme Championship Wrestling, also renaming the title the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. WWE recognizes this reign as having begun on August 27, 1994, and also considers this as the starting point of the title's history, however the PWA recognises the original lineage.
10 Terry Funk ECW Holiday Hell Philadelphia, PA 26/Dec/93 Wins a No-DQ match to gain the title.
9 Sabu Philadelphia, PA 02/Oct/93
8 Shane Douglas Roanoke, VA 09/Sep/93 Won the title via forfeit.
7 Tito Santana Philadelphia, PA 08/Aug/93
6 Don Muraco Radnor, PA 03/Apr/93
5 Sandman Philadelphia, PA 16/Nov/92
4 Don Muraco Philadelphia, PA 30/Sep/92
3 Jimmy Snuka Philadelphia, PA 14/Jul/92
2 Johnny Hotbody Philadelphia, PA 26/Apr/92
1 Jimmy Snuka Mount Tabor, PA 25/Apr/92 Defeated Salvatore Bellomo in a one-on-one match after they each won separate battle royals to determine finalists.