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NWA Canadian Tag Team Titles

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# Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2 Event Location Date Notes
9 Drake Styles Damian Styles Nepean, ON 30/Oct/07
8 Stew Korvus Antonio Corsi St. Albans, VT 14/Apr/05
7 Koko Mansour Razz Mansour Montreal, QC 26/Mar/05 Defeated Aftershock in the tournament final.
6 Killer Cox Brian Jewel Winnipeg, MB 18/Apr/03 Deadly Impact defeat The Kazakazze Boyz, Zero Tolerance, The Redneck Rebels, and Zack Mercury & Rick Matthews in a five-team battle royal to unify the vacant title and the CWF tag team title.
5 Crusher Carlsen Georgeous Michelle Starr Regina, SK 20/Aug/99 Starr & Carlsen defeat Juggernaut & Charley Hayes, who is substituting for Biohazard. Titles are vacated due to lack of title defenses.
4 Juggernaut Biohazard Nanaimo, BC 24/Jul/99 Toxic Insanity are stripped of the titles in August 1999.
3 Spyder Dan Danton Chilliwack, BC 22/Jul/99
2 Juggernaut Biohazard New Westminster, BC 28/May/98 Defeated Moondog Manson & Prophet to win the championship.
1 Randy Tyler Mike Roselli Eagles Hall, BC 01/Oct/62 Won somewhere in October 1962. Tyler & Roselli defeat Gorgeous Order of Discipline and K-Vice in a triangle match to determine new champions after the title is revived by the NWA. Titles were first Sanctioned from November 12 1962 to March 7 1998, until it was revived by ECCW. The titles are vacated when Roselli refuses to defend the title against Toxic Insanity.