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CZW World Junior Heavyweight Title

There is currently no picture of this title
# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
27 Chuck Taylor Best of the Best 8 Philadelphia, PA 10/May/08
26 Danny Havoc Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Show Philadelphia, PA 01/Jan/08 This was a 5-Way ladder match
25 Sabian Choosing Sides Philadelphia, PA 13/Oct/07
24 Scotty Vortekz Out with the Old- In with the New Philadelphia, PA 07/Apr/07
23 Jigsaw Expect the Unexpected Philadelphia, PA 09/Sep/06
22 Sonjay Dutt Down with the Sickness 4-Ever: A Tribute to Chris Philadelphia, PA 09/Sep/06
21 Sexxxy Eddy A Prelude to Violence Philadelphia, PA 06/Jul/06
20 Niles Young When 2 Worlds Collide Philadelphia, PA 11/Mar/06 Won a 6-Way Ladder Match
19 Derek Frazier Big Mutha F'n Deal Philadelphia, PA 10/Sep/05 Won a Four-Way
18 Mike Quackenbush Violent by Design: Synthesized Euphoria Philadelphia, PA 11/Jun/05 Won in a three-way
17 Sabian Trifecta Elimination III: Prove Your Worth Philadelphia, PA 02/Apr/05
16 Mike Quackenbush Only the Strong: Scarred 4 Life Philadelphia, PA 05/Feb/05 Won in a Four-Way
15 Alex Shelley Gen Z: New Blood Philadelphia, PA 08/Jan/05
14 Sonjay Dutt Cage of Death V - Suspended Philadelphia, PA 13/Dec/03
13 Ruckus Live Again Philadelphia, PA 18/Jan/03
12 Trent Acid Cage of Death 3 Philadelphia, PA 15/Dec/01 Also for the BJW Junior Title.
11 Ruckus BJW Ante Up Yokohama, Japan 02/Dec/01 This was a triple threat match at BJW's Ante Up, also involving Trent Acid and Winger, and also for the BJW Junior title.
10 Trent Acid Yokohama, Japan 19/Aug/01 This was a triple title tag team match on BJW's Universe tour for the BJW Junior title, CZW Junior title, and the CZW Tag Team title, pitting Acid and Johnny Kashmere against Men's Teioh & Jun Kasai, who held all three titles; Acid & Kashmere won the match, giving them both the tag titles, Kashmere the BJW title, and Acid the CZW title. Vacated when a double title match against BJW Junior champion Ruckus at Enough is Enough ends in a double pinfall.
9 Jun Kasai BJW North Wave tour Sapporo, Japan 04/May/01 Won in a "Philadelphia banana deathmatch"
8 MEN'S Teioh BJW Maximum Tag League tour Tokyo, Japan 15/Sep/00
7 Winger BJW Hardcore Series II tour Tokyo, Japan 01/Jul/00 Vacated
6 Trent Acid Mantua, NJ 09/Jun/00
5 Ric Blade Street Fight Mantua, NJ 19/Jul/99
4 Justice Pain CZW Mantua, NJ 03/Apr/99
3 Sensational One The Staple Gun Mantua, NJ 27/Mar/99
2 White Lotus Opening Night Mantua, NJ 13/Feb/99
1 Sensational One Opening Nigh Mantua, NJ 13/Feb/99