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WWE European Title

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# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
37 Rob Van Dam WWE RAW Grand Rapids, MI 22/Jul/02 Rob Van Dam unifies the European Championship with the Intercontinental Championship. The European Title is then retired.
36 Jeff Hardy WWE RAW Philadelphia, PA 08/Jul/02
35 William Regal WWE RAW Hartford, CT 06/May/02
34 Spike Dudley WWE RAW Phoenix, AZ 08/Apr/02
33 William Regal WWE Smackdown! Ottawa, ON 19/Mar/02
32 Diamond Dallas Page WWE Smackdown! Norfolk, VA 29/Jan/02
31 Christian Cage WWE Smackdown! Cincinnati, OH 30/Oct/01
30 John Bradshaw Layfield WWE RAW Kansas City, MO 22/Oct/01
29 Gregory Helms WWE RAW Grand Rapids, MI 27/Aug/01
28 Matt Hardy WWE Smackdown! Denver, CO 24/Apr/01
27 Eddie Guerrero WWE Wrestlemania X7 Houston, TX 01/Apr/01
26 Test WWE RAW Lafayette, LA 22/Jan/01
25 William Regal WWE RAW East Rutherford, NJ 04/Dec/00
24 Crash Holly WWE Rebellion Sheffield, England 02/Dec/00
23 William Regal WWE RAW Detroit, MI 16/Oct/00
22 Al Snow WWE Smackdown! Fayetteville, NC 29/Aug/00
21 Perry Saturn WWE Fully Loaded Dallas, TX 23/Jul/00
20 Eddie Guerrero WWE RAW Los Angeles, CA 03/Apr/00 Guerrero becomes the first (and only) wrestler of Latin descent to hold the title.
19 Chris Jericho WWE Wrestlemania 2000 Anaheim, CA 02/Apr/00 Defeated Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit in a triple threat match.
18 Kurt Angle WWE Smackdown! Austin, TX 08/Feb/00
17 Val Venis WWE Armageddon Sunrise, FL 12/Dec/99 Defeated The British Bulldog and D'Lo Brown in a triple threat match.
16 The British Bulldog WWE Smackdown! Springfield, MA 26/Oct/99
15 D'Lo Brown WWE Unforgiven Charlotte, NC 26/Sep/99
14 Mark Henry WWE RAW Ames, IA 23/Aug/99 Jarrett awarded the title to Henry as a gift for helping Jarrett defeat D'Lo Brown at SummerSlam.
13 Jeff Jarrett WWE Summerslam Minneapolis, MN 22/Aug/99
12 D'Lo Brown WWE Fully Loaded Buffalo, NY 25/Jul/99 Became the first wrestler to hold the European Championship and the Intercontinental Championship at the same time.
11 Mideon Memphis, TN 21/Jun/99 Shane retired the title, he then awarded Mideon the title after he found the title in McMahon's duffel bag.
10 Shane McMahon Birmingham, AL 15/Feb/99 Defeated X-Pac in a tag team match with Shane McMahon and Kane vs. Triple H and X-Pac.
9 X-Pac WWE Judgment Day Chicago, IL 18/Oct/98
8 D'Lo Brown WWE RAW East Lansing, MI 29/Sep/98
7 X-Pac WWE RAW Sacramento, CA 15/Sep/98
6 D'Lo Brown WWE RAW Binghamton, NY 14/Jul/98
5 Triple H WWE RAW Phoenix, AZ 16/Mar/98
4 Owen Hart WWE RAW Davis, CA 20/Jan/98 Defeated Goldust, who was dressed as Truoke H. Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter awards the title to Hart who (Slaughter) considers Goldust as a substitution for Helmsley.
3 Triple H WWE RAW Lowell, MA 11/Dec/97 Michaels was ordered to defend the title against Triple H by WWE Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter. Michaels intentionally lost the match.
2 Shawn Michaels WWE One Night Only Birmingham, England 20/Sep/97
1 The British Bulldog WWE RAW Berlin, Germany 26/Feb/97 Defeated Owen Hart in a tournament final to become the first champion.