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NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title

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# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
95 Mike Quackenbush Portage, IN 11/May/07
94 Tiger Mask IV Tokyo, Japan 19/Feb/06 Also wins IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship.
93 Rocky Romero Columbia, TN 25/Aug/05 Wins IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship on October 8.
92 Jason Rumble NWA 56th Anniversary Show Winnipeg, MB 17/Oct/04 Defeated Clark and Vance Desmond in a three-way match at the NWA 56th Anniversary Show.
91 Jerrelle Clark Saint Petersburg, FL 10/Jan/04
90 Chris Draven Parkersburg, WV 02/Aug/03
89 Rocky Reynolds Parkersburg, WV 07/Jun/03
88 Bruce Prichard Greenville, MS 18/Jan/03
87 Jimmy Rave Columbia, TN 17/Aug/02
86 Star Columbia, TN 10/Aug/02
85 Jimmy Rave Cornelia, GA 29/Jun/02 Defeated Reynolds and Jeremy Lopez in a three-way match.
84 Rocky Reynolds Parkersburg, WV 06/Apr/02
83 Jason Rumble Malden, MA 16/Feb/02
82 Rocky Reynolds Titusville, PA 02/Feb/02
81 Jason Rumble NWA 53rd Anniversary Show Saint Petersburg, FL 23/Oct/01 Defeated Lovett, Jimmy Rave, Brandon K & BJ Turner in a five-way match at the NWA 53rd Anniversary Show.
80 Lex Lovett Tampa, FL 21/Aug/01
79 Mike Thunder North Richland Hills, TX 04/May/01
78 Rocky Reynolds Pennsboro, WV 07/Apr/01
77 Vince Kaplack NWA 52nd Anniversary Show Nashville, TN 14/Oct/00
76 Tony Kozina 30/Aug/00 Awarded when NWA officials review the tape of a title match between Rockford and Kozina on August 26.
75 Rockford 2000 Surrey, BC 22/Jul/00
74 Tony Kozina North Versailles, PA 14/Jan/00
73 Vince Kaplack Pittsburgh, PA 28/Oct/99 Defeated Chris Hero as a replacement for Logan Caine.
72 Logan Caine Parkersburg, WV 15/May/99 Defeated Viper in a tournament final. Stripped on October 28, 1999 due to no-showing a title defense against Vince Kaplack.
71 Shinjiro Ohtani Nagoya, Japan 10/Aug/97 Vacated on November 5, 1997 when the J-Crown is dematerialized.
70 El Samurai Sapporo, Japan 06/Jul/97
69 Jushin Liger Tokyo, Japan 04/Jan/97
68 Ultimo Dragon Osaka, Japan 11/Oct/96
67 Tiger Mask IV Tokyo, Japan 02/Aug/96 Wins an 8-man tournament to decide the first J-Crown holder, a combination of eight junior heavyweight titles. These titles are still technically considered separate, as opposed to one unified championship, and continue to be defended.
66 Masayoshi Motegi Tokyo, Japan 30/Aug/95 Defeated El Hijo del Santo in a tournament final when the NWA revives the title.
65 Nelson Royal 16/Oct/87 Royal was awarded the title. Leaves WCW in 1988, at which point Masanobu Fuchi, the reigning AJPW Junior Champion, is disputably recognized as the new champion; however, Royal continues defending the title across the country until 1989, when it is abandoned. Abandoned in 1989.
64 Hector Guerrero Atlanta, GA 07/Mar/87 Vacated in 1987 when Tron leaves World Championship Wrestling.
63 Denny Brown Greenville, SC 01/Sep/86
62 Steve Regal Atlanta, GA 02/Aug/86
61 Denny Brown Atlanta, GA 15/Sep/85
60 Gary Royal St. Louis, MO 15/Aug/85
59 Denny Brown 01/Aug/85 Recognized as champion by NWA vice president Shohei Baba due to his disputed status as champion in America. Won somewhere in August 1985
58 George Takano Osaka, Japan 28/Jul/85 Vacated on August 1, 1985.
57 Hiro Saito Osaka, Japan 28/Jul/85
56 George Takano Tokyo, Japan 03/Nov/83 Defeated Davey Boy Smith in a decision match. Around this time, Les Thornton is recognized by promoters in the US as champion; this unofficial lineage eventually comes to Denny Brown, who wins the title on November 22, 1984.
55 Tiger Mask Tokyo, Japan 02/Jun/83 Defeated Kuniaki Kobayashi in a decision match.
54 Tiger Mask Shizuoka, Japan 25/May/82 In 1982, some North American promoters declared the title vacant due to Tiger Mask wrestling for the WWF; however, during an annual meeting between the NWA and New Japan Pro Wrestling, it's announced that Tiger Mask is still recognized as the official champion. Vacated on April 3, 1983 when Tiger Mask is injured two days prior.
53 Les Thornton Knoxville, TN 16/Oct/81 During a tour of Puerto Rico's World Wrestling Council, Thornton lost to and then defeated Joe Lightfoot on November 7 and 14; whether these matches were for the NWA or WWC junior heavyweight title is disputed.
52 Gerald Brisco Miami, FL 16/Sep/81
51 Les Thornton Roanoke, VA 20/Jun/81
50 Terry Taylor Roanoke, VA 07/Jun/81
49 Les Thornton Dothan, AL 31/Jan/81
48 Jerry Stubbs Mobile, AL 26/Jan/81
47 Les Thornton 01/Mar/80 Thornton won via forfeit. Won in March 1980
46 Nelson Royal 28/Jul/79 Royal won via forfeit when Madril was too sick to attend a rematch. Vacated in December, 1979 when Royal retires.
45 Leo Madril Houston, TX 25/Jun/78
44 Nelson Royal New Orleans, LA 06/Dec/76 Royal lost a title match to Chavo Guerrero Sr in April 1978 and regained it later that year; whether these changes are official is disputed.
43 Ron Starr New Orleans, LA 02/Dec/76
42 Pat Barrett New Orleans, LA 28/Sep/76 Defeated Nelson Royal in a tournament final.
41 Danny Hodge Shreveport, LA 02/Mar/76 Vacated on March 15, 1976 when Hodge retires after suffering a broken neck in a car accident.
40 Hiro Matsuda St. Petersburg, FL 14/Jun/75
39 Ken Mantell Jackson, MS 19/Dec/73 On September 17, 1974, Mantell lost a title match to Wrestling Pro via a disputed decision; this title change is only recognized in the Gulf Coast territory. Mantell defeated Pro on November 5, 1974 to become the undisputed champion.
38 Danny Hodge Shreveport, LA 20/Mar/72
37 Dr. X Oklahoma City, OK 03/Dec/71
36 Ramon Torres Monroe, LA 10/Sep/71
35 Roger Kirby New Orleans, LA 20/May/71
34 Danny Hodge 01/Aug/70 Won somewhere in 1970
33 Sputnik Monroe Shreveport, LA 13/Jul/70
32 Danny Hodge 30/Jan/70
31 Umanosuke Ueda Tulsa, OK 23/Jan/70
30 Danny Hodge Little Rock, AR 01/May/66 Won somewhere in May 1966
29 Joe McCarthy 12/Feb/66
28 Lorenzo Parente Tulsa, OK 14/Jan/66
27 Danny Hodge Little Rock, AR 01/Jan/66 Won somewhere around January 1966
26 Lorenzo Parente Little Rock, AR 23/Nov/65
25 Danny Hodge Tulsa, OK 23/Apr/65
24 Hiro Matsuda Tampa, FL 11/Jul/64
23 Danny Hodge Oklahoma City, OK 22/Jul/60
22 Angelo Savoldi Oklahoma City, OK 06/Mar/59
21 The Missing Link Oklahoma City, OK 20/Feb/59
20 Angelo Savoldi Oklahoma City, OK 11/Jul/58
19 Dory Funk Sr. Amarillo, TX 05/Jun/58
18 Angelo Savoldi Oklahoma City, OK 01/Feb/58 Won somewhere in February 1958
17 Mike Clancy Nashville, TN 09/Apr/57 Defeated Fred Blassie in a rematch.
16 Freddie Blassie Nashville, TN 26/Mar/57 Immediately held up due to a controversial finish.
15 Mike Clancy Little Rock, AR 01/Jan/57 Won somewhere in 1957.
14 Mike DiBiase Oklahoma City, OK 01/Jan/56 Won somewhere in 1956
13 Ed Francis Tulsa, OK 01/Jan/56 Won somewhere in 1956.
12 Verne Gagne Tulsa, OK 13/Nov/53 Defeats Sonny Myers in a tournament final.
11 Baron Michele Leone Los Angeles, CA 01/Aug/53 Won somewhere in August 1953
10 Danny McShain Memphis, TN 19/Nov/51
9 Leroy McGuirk Des Moines, IA 28/Dec/48 Unifies National Boxing/Wrestling Association's World Junior Heavyweight Championship into National Wrestling Alliance title. Vacated on February 7, 1950 when McGuirk is blinded in a car accident.
8 Billy Goelz 16/Mar/48 Won around March 16 1948
7 Marshall Estep Des Moines, IA 28/Apr/47
6 Ray Steele Des Moines, IA 24/Mar/47
5 Marshall Estep Des Moines, IA 06/Jan/47
4 Ken Fenelon Des Moines, IA 11/Mar/46
3 Larry Tillman 01/Jan/46
2 Marshall Estep Toronto, IA 30/May/45
1 Ken Fenelon 01/Jan/45 Fenelon was awarded the title by Pinkie George, founder of the NWA. Won somewhere in 1945.