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NWA World Tag Team (Texas) Titles

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# Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2 Event Location Date Notes
51 Leo Madril Kerry Von Erich Ft. Worth, TX 01/Apr/82 Won somewhere in 1982. Title Retired.
50 Bugsy McGraw Bill Irwin Lawton, OK 01/Apr/82 Won somewhere in April 1982
49 Leo Madril Kerry Von Erich Ft. Worth, TX 01/Dec/81 Won somewhere in December 1981.
48 Frank Dusek Bill Irwin 01/Nov/81 Awarded. Somewhere in November 1981.
47 Terry Orndorff Kerry Von Erich Dallas, TX 01/Oct/81 Won somewhere in October 1981.
46 Chang Chung The Great Kabuki Texas 01/Mar/81 Won somewhere in 1981
45 David Von Erich Kevin Von Erich Dallas, TX 01/Feb/81 Won somewhere in February 1981.
44 Ali Mustafa Hercules Ayala 01/Jan/81 Awarded. Won somewhere in January 1981
43 Umanosuke Ueda Chati Yokouchi Amarillo, TX 12/Dec/68 Title declared inactive in 1969 or 1970.
42 Terry Funk Dory Funk Jr. Amarillo, TX 17/Oct/68
41 Inferno 1 Inferno 2 Amarillo, TX 26/Jul/68
40 Terry Funk Dory Funk Jr. San Angelo, TX 18/Jun/68
39 Ricky Romero Nick Bockwinkel Texas 25/Apr/68
38 Karl Von Brauner Kurt Von Brauner Amarillo, TX 23/Apr/68
37 Karl Von Brauner Kurt Von Brauner Texas 15/Nov/67 Defeat Gory Guerrero & Luis Hernande.
36 Nick Kozak Dan Miller Amarillo, TX 08/Jun/67 Defeat the Medics. Title later Vacates.
35 Karl Von Brauner Al Costello Texas 01/Nov/66 Won somewhere in November 1966. Title later Vacates.
34 Duke Keomuka Fritz Von Erich Dallas, TX 01/Mar/66
33 Golden Terror Dick Beyer Dallas, TX 08/Feb/66
32 Antonio Inoki Duke Keomuka Texas 01/Jan/66 Won somewhere in 1965 or 1966
31 Fritz Von Erich Killer Karl Kox Dallas, TX 29/Jun/65 Defeated Eddie Graham & Sam Steamboat
30 Ricki Starr Ciclon Negro Houston, TX 13/Aug/63 Between 1963 to 1965 the Title was inactive.
29 Jack Dalton Jim Dalton Texas 01/Aug/63 Won somewhere in August 1963
28 Karl Von Brauner Kurt Von Brauner Houston, TX 05/Jul/63
27 Jerry Kozak Nick Kozak Austin, TX 21/Mar/63
26 Rock Hunter Rip Hawk Houston, TX 05/Feb/63
25 Lucas Pertano Bull Curry Houston, TX 29/Jan/63
24 The Missing Link Tony Borne Houston, TX 20/Nov/62
23 Oscar Salazar Ciclon Negro Houston, TX 02/Nov/62
22 Taro Miyake Duke Keomuka Houston, TX 17/Oct/62
21 Red McKim Mike Clancy Houston, TX 28/Sep/62
20 Taro Miyake Duke Keomuka Houston, TX 07/Sep/62
19 The Alaskan Tarzan Tyler Houston, TX 17/Aug/62
18 Nick Kozak Jerry Kozak Houston, TX 08/Jun/62
17 Jack Dalton Jim Dalton Texas 01/May/62 Won somwhere in 1962
16 Ciclon Negro Dory Dixon Houston, TX 27/Apr/62
15 Jim Dalton Jack Dalton Texas 01/Nov/61 Won somewhere in November 1961.
14 Dory Dixon Pepper Gomez Houston, TX 16/Jun/61
13 Tony Martin Duke Keomuka Houston, TX 26/May/61
12 Wilbur Snyder Pepper Gomez 01/Sep/60 Blanco gives his half to Snyder. Won somewhere in September 1960
11 Torbellino Blanco Pepper Gomez Texas 01/May/60 Won somewhere in May 1960.
10 Joe Christie Danny McShain Houston, TX 01/Apr/60
9 Adnan Al-Kaissie Hogan Wharton Houston, TX 19/Feb/60
8 Man Mountain Managoff Joe Christie Houston, TX 29/Jan/60
7 Ciclone Anaya Pepper Gomez Dallas, TX 08/Dec/59
6 Mr. Moto Duke Keomuka Texas 01/Sep/59 Won somewhere in September 1959
5 Pepper Gomez Rito Romero Ft. Worth, TX 01/Dec/58
4 Roy Heffernan Al Costello Ft. Worth, TX 17/Nov/58
3 El Medico Pepper Gomez Houston, TX 22/Aug/58
2 Ike Eakins Bill Longson Texas 01/Aug/58
1 Wilbur Snyder Verne Gagne 01/Jul/57 Won somewhere in July 1957