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NWA World Tag Team (Chicago) Titles

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# Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2 Event Location Date Notes
21 Roy Shire Ray Stevens 09/Apr/60 Titles retired when they are renamed the AWA World Tag Team Championship.
20 Dick The Bruiser Gene Kiniski 11/Feb/60
19 Ray Stevens Roy Shire Indianapolis, IN 06/Aug/59 Defeat Angelo Poffo & Dick Afflis in tournament final
18 Don Fargo Jackie Fargo Chicago, IL 15/Nov/58 Titles vacated
17 Boris Volkoff Nikolai Volkoff Chicago, IL 22/Feb/58
16 Crusher Lisowski Stan Lisowski Chicago, IL 29/Jun/57
15 Boris Volkoff Nikolai Volkoff 01/Jun/57 Won in June 1957.
14 Edouard Carpentier Verne Gagne Milwaukee, WI 25/May/57
13 Nikolai Volkoff Boris Volkoff Milwaukee, WI 15/Dec/56
12 Crusher Lisowski Stan Lisowski 01/Dec/56 Won in December 1956.
11 Boris Volkoff Nikolai Volkoff Milwaukee, WI 24/Nov/56 Defeated Reggie & Stan Lisowski
10 Roy McClarity Bobby Bruns Des Moines, IA 03/Nov/56 Defeated Nicolai & Boris Volkoff. Title Vacant.
9 Stan Lisowski Crusher Lisowski 01/Mar/56 Titles vacant. Won in March 1956.
8 Danny Plechas Mike DiBiase Moline, IL 18/Feb/56
7 Joe Tangara Guy Brunetti 01/Feb/56 Won somewhere in February 1956.
6 Roy McClarity Pat O'Connor Moline, IL 19/Mar/55
5 Art Neilson Crusher Lisowski 13/Feb/54 Defeat Melby & Jack Witzig who subbed for injured Darnell
4 Billy Darnell Bill Melby 01/Jan/54 Awarded. Won somewhere in 1954.
3 Mike Sharpe Ben Sharpe Chicago, IL 17/Oct/53 Vacated
2 Billy Darnell Bill Melby Chicago, IL 25/Jul/53 Defeat Blears & Martino Angelo who subbed for injured Blears
1 Lord James Blears Lord Athol Layton 01/Jan/53 Awarded. Won somewhere in 1953.