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WCW Hardcore Title

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# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
18 Meng WCW Sin Indianapolis, Indiana 14/Jan/01 Title was vacated on January 21, 2001 after Meng left WCW and abandoned in March following the company being purchased by WWE.
17 Terry Funk WCW Starrcade Washington, D.C. 17/Dec/00
16 Crowbar WCW Thunder Chicago, Illinois 06/Nov/00
15 Reno WCW Nitro San Francisco, California 02/Oct/00 Reno lost the tournament final to Sgt. Awol, but the decision was reversed.
14 Norman Smiley WCW Nitro Kelowna, British Columbia 14/Aug/00
13 Pierre Carl Oulette WCW Nitro Kelowna, British Columbia 14/Aug/00 Storm gave him the title.
12 Lance Storm WCW Nitro Cleveland, Ohio 24/Jul/00
11 Vito WCW Thunder Knoxville, Tennessee 06/Jun/00 Co-champions with Johnny the Bull.
10 Eric Bischoff WCW Nitro Atlanta, Georgia 05/Jun/00
9 Terry Funk WCW Thunder Saginaw, Michigan 23/May/00
8 Shane Douglas WCW Nitro Grand Rapids, Michigan 22/May/00
7 Terry Funk WCW Spring Stampede Chicago, Illinois 16/Apr/00
6 Brian Knobbs WCW UnCensored Miami, Florida 19/Mar/00
5 Gregory Helms WCW Nitro Minneapolis, Minnesota 28/Feb/00 Won the title with Three Count, all becoming co-title holders.
4 Brian Knobbs WCW SuperBrawl San Fransisco, California 20/Feb/00
3 Bam Bam Bigelow WCW Nitro Tulsa, Oklahoma 07/Feb/00
2 Brian Knobbs WCW Thunder Erie, Pennsylvania 11/Jan/00
1 Norman Smiley WCW Mayhem Toronto, Ontario, Canada 21/Nov/99 Defeated Brian Knobbs in a Fatal 4 Way match to become the first WCW Hardcore Champion.