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WWE Hardcore Title

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# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
238 Rob Van Dam New York, NY 26/Aug/02 Rob Van Dam was the last person to win the WWE Hardcore Title.
237 Tommy Dreamer Norfolk, VA 19/Aug/02
236 Brother Ray Norfolk, VA 19/Aug/02
235 Crash Holly Norfolk, VA 19/Aug/02
234 John Bradshaw Layfield Norfolk, VA 19/Aug/02
233 Tommy Dreamer Evansville, IN 18/Aug/02
232 Stevie Richards Evansville, IN 18/Aug/02
231 Shawn Stasiak Evansville, IN 18/Aug/02
230 Tommy Dreamer Terre Haute, IN 17/Aug/02
229 Shawn Stasiak Terre Haute, IN 17/Aug/02
228 Raven Terre Haute, IN 17/Aug/02
227 Tommy Dreamer Vancouver, BC 11/Aug/02
226 Stevie Richards Vancouver, BC 11/Aug/02
225 Shawn Stasiak Vancouver, BC 11/Aug/02
224 Tommy Dreamer Kamloops, BC 10/Aug/02
223 Stevie Richards Kamloops, BC 10/Aug/02
222 Shawn Stasiak Kamloops, BC 10/Aug/02
221 Tommy Dreamer Kelowna, BC 09/Aug/02
220 Stevie Richards Kelowna, BC 09/Aug/02
219 Shawn Stasiak Kelowna, BC 09/Aug/02
218 Tommy Dreamer Pittsburgh, PA 04/Aug/02
217 John Bradshaw Layfield Pittsburgh, PA 04/Aug/02
216 Tommy Dreamer Miami, FL 03/Aug/02
215 John Bradshaw Layfield Miami, FL 03/Aug/02
214 Tommy Dreamer Greensboro, NC 29/Jul/02
213 Johnny Stamboli Greensboro, NC 29/Jul/02
212 Jeff Hardy Greensboro, NC 29/Jul/02
211 John Bradshaw Layfield Columbia, SC 28/Jul/02
210 Shawn Stasiak Columbia, SC 28/Jul/02
209 Stevie Richards Columbia, SC 28/Jul/02
208 Justin Credible Columbia, SC 28/Jul/02
207 Raven Columbia, SC 28/Jul/02
206 John Bradshaw Layfield San Antonio, TX 27/Jul/02
205 Shawn Stasiak San Antonio, TX 27/Jul/02
204 Justin Credible San Antonio, TX 27/Jul/02
203 Raven San Antonio, TX 27/Jul/02
202 John Bradshaw Layfield Houston, TX 26/Jul/02
201 Shawn Stasiak Houston, TX 26/Jul/02
200 Justin Credible Houston, TX 26/Jul/02
199 Raven Houston, TX 26/Jul/02
198 John Bradshaw Layfield East Rutherford, NJ 15/Jul/02
197 Johnny Stamboli East Rutherford, NJ 15/Jul/02
196 John Bradshaw Layfield Bethlehem, PA 14/Jul/02
195 Shawn Stasiak Bethlehem, PA 14/Jul/02
194 Justin Credible Bethlehem, PA 14/Jul/02
193 John Bradshaw Layfield Lakeland, FL 13/Jul/02
192 Shawn Stasiak Lakeland, FL 13/Jul/02
191 Justin Credible Lakeland, FL 13/Jul/02
190 John Bradshaw Layfield Lakeland, FL 12/Jul/02
189 The Big Show Lakeland, FL 12/Jul/02
188 Spike Dudley Lakeland, FL 12/Jul/02
187 Justin Credible Lakeland, FL 12/Jul/02
186 John Bradshaw Layfield Wildwood, NJ 07/Jul/02
185 Christopher Nowinski Wildwood, NJ 07/Jul/02
184 Crash Holly Wildwood, NJ 07/Jul/02
183 Stevie Richards Wildwood, NJ 07/Jul/02
182 John Bradshaw Layfield Frederick, MD 06/Jul/02
181 Christopher Nowinski Frederick, MD 06/Jul/02
180 Crash Holly Frederick, MD 06/Jul/02
179 Stevie Richards Frederick, MD 06/Jul/02
178 John Bradshaw Layfield Uncasville, CT 30/Jun/02
177 Stevie Richards Uncasville, CT 30/Jun/02
176 Crash Holly Uncasville, CT 30/Jun/02
175 Raven Uncasville, CT 30/Jun/02
174 John Bradshaw Layfield New York, NY 29/Jun/02
173 Stevie Richards New York, NY 29/Jun/02
172 Spike Dudley New York, NY 29/Jun/02
171 Shawn Stasiak New York, NY 29/Jun/02
170 John Bradshaw Layfield Washington, DC 28/Jun/02
169 Stevie Richards Washington, DC 28/Jun/02
168 Spike Dudley Washington, DC 28/Jun/02
167 Shawn Stasiak Washington, DC 28/Jun/02
166 John Bradshaw Layfield Cincinnati, OH 22/Jun/02
165 Shawn Stasiak Cincinnati, OH 22/Jun/02
164 Spike Dudley Cincinnati, OH 22/Jun/02
163 Raven Cincinnati, OH 22/Jun/02 When Raven won the title, it was renamed The WWE Hardcore Championship.
162 John Bradshaw Layfield Dallas, TX 03/Jun/02 After winning the title Bradshaw renamed the title The Texas Hardcore Championship.
161 Stevie Richards New Orleans, LA 02/Jun/02
160 Raven New Orleans, LA 02/Jun/02
159 Tommy Dreamer New Orleans, LA 02/Jun/02
158 Stevie Richards Edmonton, AB 27/May/02
157 Terri Runnels Edmonton, AB 27/May/02
156 Stevie Richards Red Deer, AB 26/May/02
155 Raven Red Deer, AB 26/May/02
154 Tommy Dreamer Red Deer, AB 26/May/02
153 Stevie Richards Winnipeg, MB 25/May/02
152 Raven Winnipeg, MB 25/May/02
151 Tommy Dreamer Winnipeg, MB 25/May/02
150 Stevie Richards Hartford, CT 06/May/02
149 Trish Stratus Hartford, CT 06/May/02
148 Crash Holly Hartford, CT 06/May/02
147 Justin Credible Hartford, CT 06/May/02
146 Raven Hartford, CT 06/May/02
145 Brother Ray Hartford, CT 06/May/02 The title became known as the WWE Hardcore Title on this day.
144 Stevie Richards London, England 04/May/02
143 Booker T London, England 04/May/02
142 Crash Holly London, England 04/May/02
141 Booker T London, England 04/May/02
140 Stevie Richards Birmingham, England 03/May/02
139 Crash Holly Birmingham, England 03/May/02
138 Stevie Richards Glasgow, Scotland 02/May/02
137 Shawn Stasiak Glasgow, Scotland 02/May/02
136 Stevie Richards Glasgow, Scotland 02/May/02
135 Crash Holly Glasgow, Scotland 02/May/02
134 Justin Credible Glasgow, Scotland 02/May/02
133 Shawn Stasiak Glasgow, Scotland 02/May/02
132 Stevie Richards Cologne, Germany 01/May/02
131 Black Reign Cologne, Germany 01/May/02
130 Tommy Dreamer Cologne, Germany 01/May/02
129 Stevie Richards Buffalon, NY 29/Apr/02
128 Brother Ray Des Miones, IA 20/Apr/02
127 Raven Des Miones, IA 20/Apr/02
126 Black Reign Des Miones, IA 20/Apr/02
125 Brother Ray Uniondale, NY 19/Apr/02
124 Raven Uniondale, NY 19/Apr/02
123 Black Reign Uniondale, NY 19/Apr/02
122 Brother Ray College Station, TX 15/Apr/02
121 Stevie Richards College Station, TX 15/Apr/02
120 Tommy Dreamer College Station, TX 15/Apr/02
119 Raven College Station, TX 15/Apr/02
118 Brother Ray Abilene, TX 14/Apr/02
117 Black Reign Abilene, TX 14/Apr/02
116 Spike Dudley Abilene, TX 14/Apr/02
115 William Regal Abilene, TX 14/Apr/02
114 Brother Ray Odessa, TX 13/Apr/02
113 Black Reign Odessa, TX 13/Apr/02
112 Spike Dudley Odessa, TX 13/Apr/02
111 William Regal Odessa, TX 13/Apr/02
110 Brother Ray Amarillo, TX 12/Apr/02
109 Black Reign Amarillo, TX 12/Apr/02
108 Spike Dudley Amarillo, TX 12/Apr/02
107 William Regal Amarillo, TX 12/Apr/02
106 Brother Ray Denver, CO 07/Apr/02
105 Raven Dever, CO 07/Apr/02
104 Black Reign Dever, CO 07/Apr/02
103 William Regal Denver, CO 07/Apr/02
102 Brother Ray Salt Lake City, UT 06/Apr/02
101 Raven Salt Lake City, UT 06/Apr/02
100 Black Reign Salt Lake City, UT 06/Apr/02
99 William Regal Salt Lake City, UT 06/Apr/02
98 Brother Ray Albany, NY 01/Apr/02
97 Raven Philadelphia, PA 26/Mar/02
96 Maven Toronto, ON 17/Mar/02
95 Christian Cage Toronto, ON 17/Mar/02
94 Molly Holly Toronto, ON 17/Mar/02
93 Gregory Helms Toronto, ON 17/Mar/02
92 Spike Dudley Toronto, ON 17/Mar/02 Spike interfered in a match between Maven and Goldust to win the Hardcore Title.
91 Maven Cleveland, OH 12/Mar/02
90 Al Snow Detroit, MI 11/Mar/02
89 Black Reign Boston, MA 26/Feb/02
88 Maven Los Angeles, LA 05/Feb/02
87 The Undertaker San Diego, CA 09/Dec/01
86 Rob Van Dam San Antonio, TX 10/Sep/01
85 Kurt Angle San Antonio, TX 10/Sep/01
84 Rob Van Dam San Jose, CA 19/Aug/01 Rob Van Dam won against Jeff Hardy in a ladder match to win the Hardcore Title.
83 Jeff Hardy Chicago, IL 13/Aug/01
82 Rob Van Dam Cleveland, OH 22/Jul/01
81 Jeff Hardy Birmingham, AL 10/Jul/01
80 Mike Awesome New York, NY 25/Jun/01
79 Rhino New York, NY 25/Jun/01
78 Test Baltimore, MD 12/Jun/01
77 Rhino Calgary, AB 28/May/01
76 Chris Jericho Calgary, AB 28/May/01
75 The Big Show Calgary, AB 28/May/01
74 Rhino Nashville, TN 17/Apr/01
73 Kane Houston, TX 01/Apr/01 This match was a triple threat match involving Raven and The Big Show.
72 Raven Albany, NY 19/Mar/01
71 The Big Show Las Vegas, NV 25/Feb/01
70 Raven Las Vegas, NV 25/Feb/01
69 Kip James Las Vegas, NV 25/Feb/01
68 Raven Cape Girardeau, MO 18/Feb/01
67 Steve Blackman Cape Girardeau, MO 18/Feb/01
66 Raven Cedar Falls, IA 17/Feb/01
65 Steve Blackman Cedar Falls, IA 17/Feb/01
64 Raven Boston, MA 11/Feb/01
63 Al Snow Boston, MA 11/Feb/01
62 Hardcore Holly Boston, MA 11/Feb/01
61 Raven St. Paul, MN 10/Feb/01
60 Hardcore Holly St. Paul, MN 10/Feb/01
59 Raven North Charleston, SC 06/Feb/01
58 Hardcore Holly North Charleston, SC 06/Feb/01
57 Raven Columbia, NC 04/Feb/01
56 Crash Holly Columbia, SC 04/Feb/01
55 Ron Killings Columbia, SC 04/Feb/01
54 Raven Greensboro, NC 03/Feb/01
53 Crash Holly Greensboro, NC 03/Feb/01
52 Ron Killings Greensboro, NC 03/Feb/01
51 Raven Lafayette, LA 22/Jan/01
50 Al Snow Lafayette, LA 22/Jan/01
49 Raven Chattanooga, TN 22/Dec/00
48 Steve Blackman Philadelphia, PA 24/Sep/00
47 Perry Saturn Philadelphia, PA 24/Sep/00
46 Crash Holly Philadelphia, PA 12/Sep/00 This match was a hardcore battle royal involving Steve Blackman, Test, Perry Saturn, Al Snow, and Funaki.
45 Steve Blackman Raleigh, NC 27/Aug/00
44 Shane McMahon Lafayette, LA 21/Aug/00 After his win Mick Foley suspended the 24/7 rule from August 24 to August 27.
43 Steve Blackman Tampa, FL 02/Jul/00
42 Crash Holly Tampa, FL 02/Jul/00
41 Steve Blackman Hartford, CT 02/Jul/00
40 Crash Holly Boston, MA 25/Jun/00 Crash Holly beat Pat Patterson in a Evening Gown Match.
39 Pat Patterson Nashville, TN 19/Jun/00
38 Gerald Brisco St. Louis, MO 12/Jun/00
37 Crash Holly Detroit, MI 16/May/00
36 Cynthia Lynch Cleveland, OH 15/May/00
35 Crash Holly New Haven, CT 09/May/00
34 The British Bulldog London, England 06/May/00
33 Crash Holly Charlotte, NC 25/Apr/00
32 Matt Hardy Raleigh, NC 24/Apr/00
31 Crash Holly Tampa, FL 11/Apr/00
30 Tazz Tampa, FL 11/Apr/00
29 Perry Saturn Tampa, FL 11/Apr/00
28 Crash Holly Los Angeles, CA 03/Apr/00
27 Hardcore Holly Anaheim, CA 02/Apr/00
26 Crash Holly Anaheim, CA 02/Apr/00
25 Tazz Anaheim, CA 02/Apr/00
24 Pete Gas Anaheim, CA 02/Apr/00
23 Thrasher Anaheim, CA 02/Apr/00
22 Jason Arhndt Anaheim, CA 02/Apr/00
21 Rodney Anaheim, CA 02/Apr/00
20 Funaki Anaheim, CA 02/Apr/00
19 Big Daddy V Anaheim, CA 02/Apr/00
18 Tazz Anaheim, CA 02/Apr/00 Tazz won the Hardcore title in a match where multipule titles were all part of a hardcore battle royal involving Crash Holly, Viscera, Joey Abs, Rodney, Pete Gas, TAKA Michinoku, Funaki, Thrasher, Mosh, Faarooq, and Bradshaw.
17 Crash Holly Newark, NJ 13/Mar/00
16 Pete Gas Newark, NJ 13/Mar/00
15 Crash Holly Nashville, TN 22/Feb/00 The 24/7 rule came into affect.
14 Test New Haven, CT 17/Jan/00
13 The Big Bossman Birmingham, AL 12/Oct/99
12 Al Snow Albany, NY 07/Sep/99 Davey Boy Smith gave the Hardcore Title to Al Snow.
11 The British Bulldog Albany, NY 07/Sep/99
10 The Big Bossman Kansas City, MO 24/Aug/99
9 Al Snow WWE Summerslam Minneapolis, MN 22/Aug/99
8 The Big Bossman WWE Fully Loaded Buffalo, NY 25/Jul/99
7 Al Snow WWE Backlash Providence, RI 25/Apr/99
6 Hardcore Holly WWF WrestleMania XV Philadelphia, PA 28/Mar/99 Hardcore Holly won in a triple threat match against Billy Gunn and Al Snow to obtain the Hardcore Title.
5 Kip James WWF RAW San Jose, CA 15/Mar/99
4 Hardcore Holly WWF St. Valentine's Day Massacre Memphis, TN 14/Feb/99 Hardcore Holly won against Al Snow for the Hardcore title after it was vacated from Road Dogg February 8, do to an injury.
3 BG James WWF RAW Spokane, WA 15/Dec/98
2 The Big Bossman WWF RAW Baltimore, MD 30/Nov/98 Won against Mankind in a ladder match.
1 Mankind WWF Raw Houston, TX 02/Nov/98 Was awarded to Mankind by Vince McMahon. The 24/7 rule was applied in February 2000, which meant as long as a referee was present the title could be defended anywhere at any time.