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WCW Cruiserweight Title

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# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
49 Tajiri WWF RAW Kansas City, MO 22/Oct/01 When Team WWF defeated Team Alliance at Survivor Series, this title became the WWF Cruiserweight Championship.
48 Billy Kidman WWF SmackDown! Moline, IL 09/Oct/01
47 X-Pac WWF RAW IS WAR Philadelphia, PA 30/Jul/01 This was a unification match to seal X-Pac's WWF Light Heavyweight Championship.
46 Billy Kidman WWF SmackDown! Tacoma, WA 03/Jul/01
45 Gregory Helms WCW Greed Jacksonville, FL 18/Mar/01 The WWF purchased WCW during his title run, but was the title was still known as the WCW Cruiserweight Championhsip.
44 Chavo Guerrero WCW Thunder Lincoln, NE 04/Dec/00
43 Mike Sanders WCW Monday Nitro San Francisco, CA 02/Oct/00 Mike Sanders and Kevin Nash defeated Elix Skipper in a Handicap Powerbomb match to win the WCW Cruiserweight Championship.
42 Elix Skipper WCW Monday Nitro Kelowna, BC 14/Aug/00 Fellow Team Canada member Lance Storm awarded Elix Skipper the WCW Cruiserweight Championship.
41 Lance Storm WCW Monday Nitro Cincinnati, OH 30/Jul/00
40 Chavo Guerrero WCW Thunder Knoxville, TN 06/Jun/00 This was a triple threat match involving Lieutenant Loco, Disco Inferno, and Daffney.
39 Daffney Unger WCW Monday Nitro Grand Rapids, MI 22/May/00 Defeated Crowbar to become undisputed champion.
38 Daffney Unger WCW Monday Nitro Biloxi, MS 15/May/00 Daffney and Crowbar defeated Chris Candido and Tammy Lynn Sytch in a mixed tag match to become co-champions.
37 Crowbar WCW Monday Nitro Biloxi, MS 15/May/00 Crowbar and Daffney defeated Chris Candido and Tammy Lynn Sytch in a mixed tag match to become co-champions.
36 Chris Candido WCW Spring Stampede Chicago, IL 16/Apr/00 After The Artist had to vacate his WCW Cruiserweight Championship, a 6 man match was held for the title, involving Chris Candido, The Artist, Juventud Guerrera, Shannon Moore, Lash LeRoux and Crowbar at Spring Stampede, which Candido won.
35 The Artist Pittsburgh, PA 31/Mar/00
34 Billy Kidman Baltimore, MD 30/Mar/00
33 The Artist WCW SuperBrawl 2000 San Francisco, CA 20/Feb/00 After Oklahoma had to vacate the WCW Cruiserweight Championship due to being over the weight limit, a tournament was held for the title, which The Artist won, last defeating Lash LeRoux.
32 Ed Ferarra WCW Souled Out Cincinnati, OH 16/Jan/00
31 Madusa WCW Starrcade Washington, D.C. 19/Dec/99
30 Evan Karagias WCW Mayhem Toronto, ON 21/Nov/99
29 Psicosis WCW Monday Nitro Kansas City, MO 09/Oct/99 He was awarded the title at WCW Monday Nitro when Lenny Lane had to leave the company due to Turner Broadcasting not liking the publicity from his homosexual gimmick.
28 Glen Gilberti WCW Monday Nitro Kansas City, MO 04/Oct/99
27 Lenny Lane WCW Thunder Lubbock, TX 19/Aug/99
26 Rey Mysterio WCW Monday Nitro Fargo, ND 26/Apr/99
25 Psicosis WCW Monday Nitro Gainesville, FL 19/Apr/99 This was a four-way match involving Psicosis, Rey Mysterio, Juventud Guerrera, and Blitzkrieg.
24 Rey Mysterio WCW Monday Nitro Cincinnati, OH 15/Mar/99
23 Billy Kidman WCW World War 3 Auburn Hills, MI 22/Nov/98
22 Juventud Guerrera WCW Monday Nitro Wichita, KS 16/Nov/98
21 Billy Kidman WCW World War 3 Auburn Hills, MI 14/Sep/98
20 Juventud Guerrera WCW Road Wild Sturgis, SD 08/Aug/98 Malenko was guest referee for this match.
19 Chris Jericho WCW The Great American Bash Baltimore, MD 14/Jun/98 After Dean Malenko had to vacate the title due to not winning the title himself, Malenko faced Jericho for the title at The Great American Bash, where Jericho won by disqualification.
18 Dean Malenko WCW Slamboree Worcester, MA 17/May/98
17 Chris Jericho WCW Souled Out Dayton, OH 24/Jan/98
16 Rey Mysterio WCW Thunder Lakeland, FL 15/Jan/98
15 Juventud Guerrera WCW Thunder Daytona Beach, FL 08/Jan/98 Won the title on the first episode of Thunder.
14 Ultimo Dragon WCW Monday Nitro Baltimore, MD 29/Dec/97
13 Eddie Guerrero WCW Monday Nitro Memphis, TN 10/Nov/97
12 Rey Mysterio WCW Halloween Havoc Las Vegas, NV 26/Oct/97 This was a Mask vs. Title match.
11 Eddie Guerrero WCW Fall Brawl Winston-Salem, NC 14/Sep/97
10 Chris Jericho WCW Saturday Night Colorado Springs, CO 12/Aug/97
9 Alex Wright WCW Monday Nitro Charleston, WV 28/Jul/97
8 Chris Jericho WCW Saturday Nitro Los Angeles, CA 18/Jun/97
7 X-Pac WCW SuperBrawl VII San Francisco, CA 23/Feb/97
6 Dean Malenko WCW Clash of the Champions XXXIV Milwaukee, WI 21/Jan/97
5 Ultimo Dragon WCW Starrcade Nashville, TN 29/Dec/96 This match was also for Ultimo Dragon's J-Crown.
4 Dean Malenko WCW Halloween Havoc Las Vegas, NV 27/Oct/96
3 Rey Mysterio WCW Monday Nitro Orlando, FL 08/Jul/96
2 Dean Malenko Orlando, FL 02/May/96
1 Shinjiro Ohtani New Japan Pro Wresling Nagoya, Japan 20/Mar/96 After the WCW Light Heavyweight Championship was vacated, Shinjiro Otani faced Wild Pegasus in a match to determine the new WCW Cruiserweight Champion at a NJPW event, where Otani won.