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OVW Heavyweight Title

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# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
65 Anthony Bravado Louisville, KY 25/Jun/08
64 Nick Dinsmore Louisville, Kentucky 20/Feb/08
63 Jay Bradley Louisville, Kentucky 13/Feb/08
62 Evan Bourne Louisville, KY 05/Dec/07
61 Michael W. Kruel Louisville, KY 28/Jul/07
60 Vladimir Kozlov Louisville, KY 28/Jul/07
59 Paul Burchill Louisville, KY 27/Jun/07
58 Jay Bradley Louisville, KY 01/Jun/07
57 Paul Burchill Louisville, KY 09/May/07
56 Idol Stevens Louisville, KY 14/Mar/07
55 Paul Burchill Louisville, KY 18/Feb/07
54 Cody Rhodes Elizabethtown, KY 17/Feb/07
53 Paul Burchill Louisville, KY 15/Dec/06
52 Chet Douglas Louisville, KY 15/Dec/06
51 Jacob Duncan Louisville, KY 25/Oct/06 This was an unsanctioned match.
50 Chet Douglas Louisville, KY 30/Aug/06 Defeated CM Punk who was a replacement for Seth Skyfire when he was injured coming to the ring.
49 CM Punk Louisville, KY 03/May/06 This was a strap match.
48 Brent Albright Louisville, KY 01/Mar/06
47 Matt Cappotelli Louisville, KY 09/Nov/05 The title was vacated on February 8, 2006 when Cappotelli announced he had a brain tumor.
46 Johnny Jeter Louisville, KY 03/Aug/05
45 Brent Albright Louisville, KY 27/Apr/05
44 Matt Morgan Louisville, KY 13/Apr/05
43 Elijah Burke Louisville, KY 08/Dec/04
42 Chad Wicks Louisville, KY 01/Dec/04
41 Chris Cage Louisville, KY 13/Oct/04
40 Matt Morgan Louisville, KY 14/Apr/04
39 Nick Dinsmore Louisville, KY 07/Jan/04
38 Mark Magnus Louisville, KY 15/Oct/03
37 Johnny Jeter Louisville, KY 13/Aug/03
36 Rob Conway Louisville, KY 13/Aug/03
35 Danny Basham Louisville, KY 30/Jul/03
34 Doug Basham Louisville, KY 09/Apr/03 This match was a two out of three falls match.
33 Nick Dinsmore Louisville, KY 19/Feb/03 Nick Dinsmore won this title after defeating Damaja and Doug Basham in a triple threat match.
32 Danny Basham Louisville, KY 06/Nov/02
31 Simon Dean Jeffersonville, IN 15/May/02
30 John Cena Jeffersonville, IN 20/Feb/02
29 Batista Jeffersonville, IN 28/Nov/01
28 The Machine Jeffersonville, IN 25/Jul/01
27 Flash Flanagan Louisville, KY 04/Apr/01
26 Rico Louisville, KY 27/Feb/01
25 Nick Dinsmore Jeffersonville, IN 25/Oct/00
24 Rob Conway Jeffersonville, IN 06/Sep/00
23 Nick Dinsmore Louisville, KY 04/Aug/00
22 Flash Flanagan Jeffersonville, IN 08/Jul/00
21 Nick Dinsmore Jeffersonville, IN 24/May/00
20 Danny Basham Louisville, KY 04/Apr/00
19 Flash Flanagan Jeffersonville, IN 17/Feb/00
18 Rico Louisville, KY 16/Feb/00
17 Flash Flanagan Louisville, KY 26/Dec/99
16 Rico Louisville, KY 10/Nov/99
15 Rob Conway Louisville, KY 17/Aug/99
14 Danny Basham Louisville, KY 08/Jun/99
13 Nick Dinsmore New Albany, IN 07/May/99
12 Rob Conway Jeffersonville, IN 28/Apr/99
11 Nick Dinsmore Jeffersonville, IN 18/Apr/99
10 Rod Steele Louisville, KY 02/Feb/99 Nick Dinsmore won the title from Steele on February 7, later Dinsmore had to give the title back after learning of outside interference.
9 Rip Rogers Louisville, KY 03/Jan/99
8 Doug Basham Louisville, KY 29/Dec/98
7 Rip Rogers Jeffersonville, IN 13/Sep/98
6 Doug Basham Jeffersonville, IN 05/Jul/98
5 David C. Jeffersonville, IN 11/Jun/98 David won by forfeit.
4 Nick Dinsmore Jeffersonville, IN 03/Jun/98
3 Rip Rogers Jeffersonville, IN 23/Nov/97
2 Bill Dundee Jeffersonville, IN 16/Nov/97 Bill won the title in a battle royal.
1 Trailer Park Trash Jeffersonville, IN 17/Aug/97