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AWA World Heavyweight Title

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# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
65 Brian Logan Fayetteville, WV 18/Apr/08 Defeats Zbyszko and Ricky Landell in a 3-way match.
64 Larry Zbyszko 05/Feb/08 Awarded for claiming that he has never lost the original AWA World Heavyweight Title after the AWA closed in 91.
63 Masato Tanaka Yokohama, JAPAN 26/Oct/07 Stripped on 07/12/07 when ZERO1-Max withdraws its affiliation with AWA
62 Takao Omori Yokohama, JAPAN 01/Apr/07
61 Steve Corino Pottstown, PA 07/Jan/07 TNT (Greg Bownds) defeats Corino on 07/03/23 in Cardiff, AUSTRALIA, but the title is returned to Corino when the AWA board claims "international paperwork for this title match can not be located, and therefore the title change can not be validated."
60 Ric Converse Indianapolis, IN 14/Jun/06
59 Takao Omori Tokyo, JAPAN 01/Apr/06
58 Shinjiro Ohtani Tokyo, JAPAN 22/Jan/06
57 Steve Corino Bay City, MI 11/Jun/05 Also defeats Larry Zbyszko, the last champion of the Verne Gange era who continued to claim the title as of 95/01, on 05/06/25 in Viena, GA.
56 Takao Omori Tokyo, JAPAN 23/Jan/05 Defeats Steve Corino in a tournament final.
55 Evan Karagias Lemoore, CA 06/Jul/03 Defeats Eric Priest; stripped in 04.
54 Luther Reigns Mercedes, Texas 19/Oct/02 Vacant in 03 when Horshu (Matt Wiese) signs a developmental deal with WWE and is unavailable to drop the title.
53 Evan Karagias Lemoore, CA 04/May/02
52 The Patriot Cottonwood, AZ 02/May/02
51 Evan Karagias Casa Grande, AZ 22/Mar/02
50 Eric Priest Hillside, IL 03/Jun/01
49 Larry Gligorovich Pine Bluff, AR 29/Jul/00
48 The Patriot Pine Bluff, AR 29/Jul/00
47 Dale Gagner Pine Bluff, AR 29/Jul/00 Promoter names himself the champion.
46 King Kong Bundy Oshkosh, WI 31/Mar/99 Stripped for no defense.
45 Jonnie Stewart Rochester, MN 06/Jun/96 Defeats Larry Gligorovich when Dale Gagne (Dale Gagner) supposedly purchases the rights to the AWA name (not the promotion itself) and starts his own promotion.
44 Larry Zbyszko 08/Apr/90 Stripped on 90/12/12 when Zbyszko leaves inactive AWA for WCW; AWA closes in 1991; still claims the title as of 95/01.
43 Masa Saito Tokyo, JAPAN 10/Feb/90
42 Larry Zbyszko St. Paul, MN 07/Feb/89 Wins title in battle royal, eliminating Tom Zenk
41 Jerry Lawler Memphis, TN 09/May/88 Unifies WCWA World title defeating Kerry Von Erich on 88/12/13 in Chicago, IL to become Unified World Heavyweight Champion, but stripped of AWA title on 89/01/20 after CWA splits with AWA.
40 Curt Hennig San Francisco, CA 02/May/87
39 Nick Bockwinkel Denver, CO 28/Jun/86 Awarded when Hansen leaves the promotion after not appearing the match on 86/06/28 in Denver, CO, but Hansen takes the belt and defends it on All Japan cards in 86/07.
38 Stan Hansen East Rutherford, NJ 29/Dec/85
37 Rick Martel St. Paul, MN 13/May/84 Wrestles to a double count-out against NWA World heavyweight champion Ric Flair on 85/10/02 in Tokyo, JAPAN.
36 Jumbo Tsuruta Tokyo, JAPAN 22/Feb/84
35 Nick Bockwinkel Memphis, TN 10/Jan/83 Defeats Lawler in rematch; Hulk Hogan defeats Bockwinkle on 83/04/24 in Minneapolis, MN in a no DQ match; however, AWA president Stanley Blackburn, unable to disqualify Hogan for throwing Bockwinkle over the tope rope, strips Hogan of the title anyway and returns it to Bockwinkle right after the match.
34 Jerry Lawler Memphis, TN 27/Dec/82 Held up afterwards.
33 Nick Bockwinkel Chicago, IL 09/Oct/82
32 Otto Wanz St. Paul, MN 29/Aug/82
31 Nick Bockwinkel 24/Apr/82 Awarded back by AWA president Stanley Blackburn due to the involvement of a foreign object during the match.
30 Nick Bockwinkel 24/Apr/82 Awarded back by AWA president Stanley Blackburn due to the involvement of a foreign object during the match.
29 Hulk Hogan St. Paul, MN 18/Apr/82 Defeats Bockwinkle, with both parties using a foreign object during the match, and is declared by the referee as champion.
28 Nick Bockwinkel 19/May/81 Awarded when Gagne retires.
27 Verne Gagne Chicago, IL 18/Jul/80
26 Nick Bockwinkel St. Paul, MN 08/Nov/75 Wrestle to a double cout-out against WWF Heavyweight champion Bob Backlund on 79/03/25 in Toronto, ON.
25 Dick Beyer Bloomington, MN 17/Aug/68
24 Verne Gagne Minneapolis, MN 31/Jul/68
23 Verne Gagne St. Paul, MN 26/Feb/67
22 Dick The Bruiser Omaha, NE 12/Nov/66
21 Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon Omaha, NE 14/Jan/66 AWA president Stanley Blackburn reviews the match from 66/01/08 and declares it "no contenst" on 66/01/14 since Woods's legs are on the rope while pinning Vachon during the final fall; Vachon defeats Woods on 66/01/14.
20 Tim Woods Omaha, NE 08/Jan/66
19 Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon Denver, CO 12/Nov/65
18 Crusher Lisowski St. Paul, MN 21/Aug/65
17 Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon Omaha, NE 22/May/65
16 Mighty Igor Vodic Omaha, NE 15/May/65
15 Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon Minneapolis, MN 20/Oct/64
14 Verne Gagne Omaha, NE 16/May/64
13 Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon Omaha, NE 02/May/64
12 Verne Gagne Minneapolis, MN 14/Dec/63
11 Crusher Lisowski St. Paul, MN 16/Nov/63
10 Verne Gagne Amarillo, TX 08/Aug/63 Wins AWA world title; defeats Von Erich on 63/09/07 in Omaha, NE to unify Omaha World title.
9 Fritz Von Erich Omaha, NE 27/Jul/63 Wins both Omaha and AWA titles
8 Verne Gagne Minneapolis, MN 20/Jul/63 Wins both Omaha and AWA titles
7 Crusher Lisowski Minneapolis, MN 09/Jul/63 Has won Omaha world title from Verne Gagne on 63/02/15 in Omaha, NE.
6 Verne Gagne Minneapolis, MN 21/Aug/62
5 Bill Miller Minneapolis, MN 09/Jan/62
4 Verne Gagne Minneapolis, MN 08/Aug/61
3 Gene Kiniski Minneapolis, MN 11/Jul/61
2 Verne Gagne 16/Jan/60 Awarded after O'Connor fails to defend the title against Gagne.
1 Pat O'Connor ??? St. Louis, MO 09/Jan/59 In 1960, the American Wrestling Association named O'Connor as the first holder of the AWA World Heavyweight Championship. O'Connor was NWA World Champion at the time and did not seek this recognition. He never defended the AWA title and was later stripped of it.