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OVW Light Heavyweight Title

There is currently no picture of this title
# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
15 Chris Michaels Jeffersonville, IN 12/Apr/00 The title was later retired March 1, 2001.
14 Sean Casey Louisville, KY 15/Mar/00
13 Chris Michaels Jeffersonville, IN 20/Jan/00
12 Sean Casey Louisville, KY 08/Dec/99
11 Scotty Sabre Jeffersonville, IN 16/Sep/99
10 Sean Casey Louisville, KY 17/Aug/99
9 Johnny Spade Jeffersonville, IN 07/Jul/99
8 Jason Lee Jeffersonville, IN 05/May/99
7 George Hines Louisville, KY 04/May/99
6 Jason Lee Louisville, KY 20/Apr/99
5 Chris Alexander Louisville, KY 13/Apr/99
4 Johnny Spade Louisville, KY 30/Mar/99
3 George Hines Lousiville, KY 23/Mar/99
2 Johnny Spade Jeffersonville, IN 17/Mar/99
1 Jason Lee Louisville, KY 09/Feb/99