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AJPW World Junior Heavyweight Title

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# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
26 Ryuji Hijikata Growin' Up Tour Nagoya, Japan 29/Apr/08 Won the title on the Growin' Up tour.
25 Silver King Pro Wrestling LOVE Ryogoky Vol. 4 Tokyo, Japan 01/Mar/08 Won the title at Pro Wrestling LOVE in Ryogoku vol. 4.
24 Katsuhiko Nakajima Pro Wrestling LOVE Ryogoky Vol. 2 Tokyo, Japan 17/Feb/07 Won the title at Pro Wrestling LOVE in Ryogoku vol. 2. The title belt is held up on October 18, 2007 after a title defense against Silver King ended in a no contest, though Nakajima remains the official champion.
23 Shuji Kondo Shining Series Tour Tokyo, Japan 22/Oct/05 Won the title on the Shining Series tour.
22 TAKA Michinoku Tokyo, Japan 10/Jan/05 This match, at Kaientai Dojo's CLUB-K SUPER kick, was also for Hayashi's Strongest-K Championship.
21 Kaz Hayashi Excite Series Tour Tokyo, Japan 12/Feb/04 Defeated BLUE-K on the Excite Series tour.
20 Kendo Kashin Grand Slam Champion Carnival Tokyo, Japan 13/Apr/02 Defeated Masanobu Fuchi at Grand Champion Carnival. Vacated due to Inactivity. - February 12th 2004
19 Yoshinari Ogawa Niigata, Japan 19/Jul/98 Defeated Satoru Asako in a tournament final. Vacated due to Ogawa and a few others leaving to form Pro Wrestling NOAH. - June 16th 2000
18 Maunakea Mossman Tokyo, Japan 22/Aug/97 Vacated due to Mossman moving up into the Heavyweight Division - June 12th 1998
17 Yoshinari Ogawa Tokyo, Japan 15/Jan/97
16 Tsuyoshi Kikuchi Tokyo, Japan 24/Jul/96
15 Masanobu Fuchi Tokyo, Japan 30/Jun/96
14 Yoshinari Ogawa AJPW 9/10/95 Tokyo, Japan 10/Sep/95 At Tokyo Nippon Budokan deafted Dan Kroffat(Phil Lafon) (13:37) with a cradle cutback.
13 Dan Kroffat Kagoshima, Japan 12/Jul/94
12 Masanobu Fuchi Shizuoka, Japan 23/Aug/93
11 Dan Kroffat Sapporo, Japan 21/May/93
10 Masanobu Fuchi Nagoya, Japan 20/Oct/89
9 Joe Malenko Ohmiya, Japan 01/Jul/89
8 Mitsuo Momota Osaka, Japan 20/Apr/89
7 Shin'ichi Nakano Tokyo, Japan 16/Apr/89
6 Masanobu Fuchi AJPW 3/8/89 Tokyo, Japan 08/Mar/89 At Tokyo Nippon Budokan deafted Mighty Inoue (16:18) with an inside cradle.
5 Mighty Inoue Osaka, Japan 25/Jan/89
4 Joe Malenko Fukuoka. Japan 20/Jan/89
3 Masanobu Fuchi AJPW 1/3/87 Nagoya, Japan 03/Jan/87 At Tokyo Korakuen Hall deafted Kuniaki Kobayashi (16:07) by pinfall.
2 Kuniaki Kobayashi Tokyo, Japan 23/Nov/86
1 Hiro Saito Tokyo, Japan 31/Jul/86 Defeats Brad Armstrong in a 3 man Tournament Final