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WWE Tag Team Titles

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# Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2 Event Location Date Notes
31 The Miz The Big Show RAW Lafayette, LA 08/Feb/10 This was a Triple Threat Elimination match also involving The Straight Edge Society (CM Punk and Luke Gallows).
30 Shawn Michaels Triple H TLC San Antonio, TX 13/Dec/09
29 Chris Jericho The Big Show Night of Champions Philadelphia, PA 26/Jul/09
28 Edge Chris Jericho The Bash Sacramento, Calif 28/Jun/09
27 Carlito Primo Colon Smackdown Columbus, Ohio 26/Sep/08
26 Curt Hawkins Zack Ryder WWE Great American Bash 2008 Uniondale, New York 20/Jul/08
25 The Miz John Morrison WWE Smackdown Wichita, KS 16/Nov/07
24 Matt Hardy Montel Vontavious Porter WWE Smackdown Albany, NY 31/Aug/07
23 Deuce Domino WWE Smackdown Milan, Italy 20/Apr/07
22 Paul London Brian Kendrick WWE Judgment Day Phoenix, AZ 21/May/06
21 Joey Matthews John Morrison WWE Smackdown Uncasville, CT 30/Dec/05
20 Batista Rey Mysterio WWE Smackdown Springfield, MA 16/Dec/05
19 Joey Matthews John Morrison WWE Smackdown San Francisco, CA 28/Oct/05 This was a four-way match also involving The Mexicools and Paul Burchill & William Regal.
18 Animal Heidenreich WWE The Great American Bash Buffalo, NY 24/Jul/05
17 Joey Matthews John Morrison WWE Smackdown New York, NY 21/Apr/05
16 Eddie Guerrero Rey Mysterio WWE No Way Out Pittsburgh, PA 20/Feb/05
15 Danny Basham Doug Basham WWE Smackdown Tampa, FL 13/Jan/05 This was a four-way elimination match also involving the teams of Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns and Booker T & Eddie Guerrero.
14 Rey Mysterio Rob Van Dam WWE Smackdown Greenville, SC 09/Dec/04
13 Kenzo Suzuki Rene Dupree WWE Smackdown Tulsa, OK 09/Sep/04
12 Billy Kidman Paul London WWE Smackdown Winnipeg, MB, Canada 08/Jul/04
11 Brother Ray Brother Devon WWE Smackdown Chicago, IL 17/Jun/04
10 Charlie Haas Rico WWE Smackdown Kelowna, BC, Canada 22/Apr/04
9 Junior Fatu Scotty 2 Hotty WWE Smackdown Cleveland, OH 05/Feb/04
8 Danny Basham Doug Basham WWE Smackdown Albany, NY 23/Oct/03
7 Chavo Guerrero Eddie Guerrero WWE Smackdown Raleigh, NC 18/Sep/03
6 Charlie Haas Shelton Benjamin WWE Smackdown Rochester, NY 03/Jul/03
5 Eddie Guerrero Tajiri WWE Judgment Day Charlotte, NC 18/May/03 This was a ladder match at Judgment Day. Tajiri was a replacement for an injured Chavo Guerrero.
4 Charlie Haas Shelton Benjamin WWE Smackdown Philadelphia, PA 06/Feb/03
3 Chavo Guerrero Eddie Guerrero WWE Survivor Series New York, NY 17/Nov/02 This was a three-way elimination match also involving Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit.
2 Edge Rey Mysterio WWE Smackdown Manchester, NH 07/Nov/02 This was a two out of three falls match which Edge & Mysterio won 2-1.
1 Kurt Angle Chris Benoit WWE No Mercy Little Rock, AR 20/Oct/02 Defeated Edge & Rey Mysterio in a tournament final to become the first WWE Tag Team Champions.