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AWA World Womens Title

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# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
13 Candi Devine Toronto, ON 06/Dec/89 Defeated Judy Martin. The title was retired in January 1991 when the AWA closed.
12 Wendy Richter Bloomington, MN 26/Nov/88 Title was vacated in December 1989 when Richter left the promotion.
11 Madusa Las Vegas, NV 27/Dec/87 Defeated Candi Devine.
10 Sherri Martel Oakland, CA 28/Jun/86 Title was vacated on July 25, 1987 when Martel went to the WWF.
9 Candi Devine Winnipeg, MB 16/Jan/86 This was the last AWA card to be held in Winnipeg before the WWE took over the AWA's TV time in March 1986.
8 Sherri Martel Winnipeg, MB 17/Oct/85
7 Candi Devine 30/Sep/85 Title was awarded to Devine.
6 Sherri Martel Chicago, IL 28/Sep/85
5 Candi Devine Minneapolis, MN 31/Oct/84 Won a battle royal for the title. The title was originally vacated in 85 but awarded back to Devine. AWA superstars has since revised the title's history and merged the two reigns.
4 Betty Niccoli 16/Aug/73
3 Vivian Vachon Winnipeg, MB 04/Nov/71 Defeated Betty Nicoli.
2 Kay Noble St. Paul, MN 13/Apr/63 Defeated Kathy Starr.
1 June Byers Atlanta, GA 20/Aug/54 Byers was recognized as the first AWA World Women's Champion after the AWA split from the National Wrestling Alliance. The AWA vacated the title in 1963. Byers continued to be recognized as NWA Champion until she retired in January 1964.