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AWA International Heavyweight Title

There is currently no picture of this title
# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
35 Manny Fernandez Memphis, TN 02/Nov/87 Title was then retired. It was unified with Lawlers NWA Mid-America Heavyweight and AWA Southern Heavyweight Championships to create the CWA Heavyweight Title.
34 Bill Dundee Nashville, TN 27/Oct/87 Title was vacated when Dundee and Lawler defeated Doug Somners and Soldat Ustinov for the AWA World Tag Team Titles. Dundee then won the title back in a tornament.
33 Bill Dundee Memphis, TN 31/Aug/87
32 George Barnes Memphis, TN 17/Aug/87
31 Bill Dundee Memphis, TN 13/Jun/87
30 Chick Donovan Memphis, TN 20/Apr/87
29 Soul Train Jones Memphis, TN 04/Jan/87
28 Typhoon Memphis, TN 06/Oct/86 The title was vacated September 8, 1986 when Lawler defeated Bam Bam Bigelow for the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship. Big Bubba then defeated Pat Tanaka to win the vacant title.
27 Jerry Lawler Memphis, TN 14/Jul/86 This was a loser leaves town match.
26 Bill Dundee Memphis, TN 05/May/86
25 Billy Travis Memphis, TN 24/Mar/86
24 Abdul Gaddafi Memphis, TN 03/Mar/86
23 Rick Casey Memphis, TN 03/Feb/86
22 Dutch Mantell Memphis, TN 09/Nov/85
21 Phil Hickerson Memphis, TN 21/Oct/85
20 Mongolian Stomper Memphis, TN 30/Sep/85 Won title by countout.
19 Phil Hickerson Memphis, TN 22/Jul/85
18 Terry Taylor Memphis, TN 15/Jul/85
17 Phil Hickerson Memphis, TN 07/Jul/85
16 Terry Taylor Memphis, TN 28/Dec/84
15 Eddie Gilbert Memphis, TN 24/Sep/84
14 Dutch Mantell Memphis, TN 17/Sep/84
13 Eddie Gilbert Memphis, TN 27/Aug/84
12 Tommy Rich Memphis, TN 09/Jul/84
11 Masao Ito Memphis, TN 16/Jun/84
10 Austin Idol Memphis, TN 14/May/84
9 Randy Savage Memphis, TN 23/Apr/84
8 Austin Idol Memephis, TN 03/Oct/83 This was a bullrope match.
7 Stan Hansen Memphis, TN 12/Sep/83
6 Austin Idol Memphis, TN 10/Sep/83
5 Ken Patera Memphis, TN 15/Aug/83
4 Jerry Lawler Memphis, TN 25/Jul/83
3 Ken Patera Memphis, TN 16/May/83
2 Jerry Lawler Memphis, TN 07/Mar/83
1 Austin Idol 31/Jan/83 Idol was awarded the title.