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XPW World Heavyweight Title

There is currently no picture of this title
# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
9 Shane Douglas Pico Rivera, California 20/Jul/02 Title retired on March 8, 2003 as XPW closes
8 Johnny Webb Los Angeles, California 25/Aug/01 Johnny Webb and Rob Black defeated Sabu and Josh Lazie in a tag team match and Johnny Webb won the title as a stipulaton of the match
7 Messiah Los Angeles, California 26/May/01 Sabu No-Showed the event so Josh Lazie appointed New Jack as a Sub for Sabu. Messiah was later fired and so was stripedd of the Title.
6 Sabu Bakersfield, California 29/Apr/00 Won a one night tournament by defeating Messiah
5 Chris Candido Hollywood, California 26/Feb/00 Chris Candido No-Shows and is Stripped of the Title on April 29th 2000
4 Damien Steele Hollywood, California 29/Jan/00 Purchased the title from Lawless.
3 Jake Lawless Hollywood, California 29/Jan/00
2 Big Dick Dudley Hollywood, California 18/Dec/99 Big Dick Dudley was stripped on January 29th 2000 when his Parole Officer refused to let him Compete
1 Damien Steele Reseda, California 19/Oct/99 The first XPW World Champion was crowned in a Battle Royal where the last 2 remaining participants would have to pin their opponent to gain the Victory and the title, Steele won the match thus becoming the first XPW World Heavyweight Champion.