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DSW Heavyweight Title

There is currently no picture of this title
# Wrestler Name Event Location Date Notes
9 Austin Creed Locust Grove, GA 12/Jul/07 Defeats Murder One in tournament final
8 Bradley Jay McDonough, GA 08/Mar/07 Goes Vacant because WWE splits ends with DSW as their developmental territory.
7 Roughhouse O'Reilly McDonough, GA 01/Mar/07
6 Bradley Jay McDonough, GA 22/Feb/07
5 Vito McDonough, GA 25/Jan/07
4 Bradley Jay McDonough, GA 07/Sep/06
3 Roughhouse O'Reilly McDonough, GA 22/Jun/06
2 Derrick Neikirk McDonough, GA 22/Dec/05
1 The Miz McDonough, GA 01/Dec/05 Defeats Mike Knox in a 14-man tournament final to become the first champion