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Dru Onyx
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Wrestler Facts

Wrestler Name: Dru Onyx
Birthday: 24th September 1974
Hometown: Laval Quebec Canada
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 325lb
Finishers: Side Walk Slam, Spear
Previous Gimmicks: Son of Abdullah, S.O.A., Spirit Of Allah, Tenbatsu

Title History (1)

22/Apr/2006:NWA North American Heavyweight Champion -

Biography/Additional Facts

-Real Name: Rodney Lloyd Anthony Kellman
-March 13, 2003: Dru Onyx defeating The Green Phantom to win the IWS World Heavyweight title in Laval, Quebec..
-October 30, 2004: Dru Onyx defeated Fergal Devitt to regain the NWA British Commonwealth title in Ashford Kent, England..
-while still holding the NWA U.K. & NWA Quebec Heavyweight titles making him a champion on three different continents..
-January 29, 2005--NWA Quebec: Dru Onyx defeated Chakal..
-September 18, 2005--Green Mountain: Dru Onyx defeated Hybrid Rain to retain the NWA British Commonwealth title..
-March 11, 2005--IWS: Tomassino & Jake Matthews defeated Pierre Carl Ouellet & Green Phantom with DRU ONYX as the referee
-After the match, The Green Phantom turned on Pierre Carl Oulette and both Dru Onyx & Phantom took turns beating on PCO..
-April 22, 2006--Southern Championship Wrestling: Dru Onyx travelled down to to work in Altamonte Springs, Florida..
-Dru Onyx defeated Thomas Marr and Chasyn Rance in a 3-WAY to win the NWA North American Heavyweight title!
-June 3, 2006--International Wrestling Syndicate: Pierre Carl Ouellet & Sabu defeated The Green Phantom & Dru Onyx..
-July 7, 2006--TNA House Show: Dru Onyx w/CM Vanderpile defeated Aaron Aguilera by DQ to retain the NWA North American title
-July 8, 2006--International Wrestling Syndicate: Lufisto defeated Dru Onyx..
-November 4, 2006--IWS: The Hardcore Ninjaz defeated Dru Onyx & The Green Phantom in a Flaming Tables Match!
-November 24, 2006--NWA ECCW: Dru Onyx defeated Abbadon in Surrey, British Columbia ...
-December 2, 2006--IWS: Dru Onyx & The Green Phantom won a 3-WAY Christmas Tree Death Match to win the IWS Tag Titles!
-Green & Mean (Dru Onyx & Green Phantom) defeated Hi-5 (Beef Wellington & Kid Kamikaze) and The Hardcore Ninjaz..
-August 11, 2007?-NWA Quebec Pro Wrestling: Dru Onyx defeated Manuel Vegas to retain the NWA North American title..
-August 24, 2007: Damien Wayne defeated Dru Onyx to become the NWA North American Champion in Las Vegas, Nevada...

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