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Flash Flanagan
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Wrestler Facts

Wrestler Name: Flash Flanagan
Birthday: 25th October 1966
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 232lb
Finishers: The Whip Flash
Previous Gimmicks: Kobain (TNA), Slash Venom (Puerto Rico)

Title History (3)

[6 Times]:OVW Southern Tag Team Champion
24/Mar/2001:OVW Hardcore Champion -
[4 Times]:OVW Heavyweight Champion

Biography/Additional Facts

-Real name: Christopher Kindred
-Flash Flanagan formed a tag team with Wolfie D known as Blacksheep..
-Flash Flanagan also formed tag teams with Steven Doll, Billy Travis & Nick Dinsmore..
-November 24, 1997 - WWF RAW: Brian Christopher defeated Flash Flanagan...
-March 6, 1999 WWF Shotgun: Bob Holly defeated Flash Flanagan ...
-July 17, 1999 WWF Shotgun: The Acolytes (Farooq & Bradshaw) defeated Danny O'Brien & Flash Flanagan....
-July 24, 1999 WWF Shotgun: The Big Bossman & Viscera & Mideon defeated Flash Flanagan & Nick Dismore & Miller...
-Flash Flanagan made appearanced in NWA:TNA as Kobain, a member of James Mitchell's Disciples of the New Church..
-Kobain formed a brief tag team with his old partner Wolfie D (who was now wrestling as Slash in the New Church)..
-Flash Flanagan wrestles more often in IWA Puerto Rico as "Slash Venom"..
-September 11, 2004 - ROH: Dan Maff & BJ Whitmer defeated Chicano & Flash Venom (aka Flash Flanagan) w/Allison Danger..
-December 4, 2004 - ROH: Jay Lethal defeated Prince Nana's Weapon of Masked Destruction (Flash Flanagan under a mask)..
-November 26, 2005--IWA Puerto Rico: Slash Venom defeated Ricky Banderas to retain the IWA Hardcore title..
-December 8, 2005--IWA Puerto Rico: Slash Venom defeated Ray Gonzalez to retain the Hardcore title..
-December 10, 2005--IWA: Puerto Rico: Slash Venom defeated Trailer Park Trash to retain the Hardcore Title..
-January 6, 2006--IWA Puerto Rico: Slash Venom defeated New Jack to retain the Hardcore Title in a Deathmatch..
-January 8, 2006--IWA Puerto Rico: Slash Venom defeated New Jack to retain the Hardcore Title in an Asian Deathmatch..
-February 24, 2006--USA Championship Wrestling: "The Headliner" Chris Michaels defeated Flash Flannigan..
-March 31, 2006 - ROH: Ricky Reyes defeated Delirious and Flash Flanagan and Shane Hagadorn in a 4-Corner Survival..
-April 1, 2006 - ROH: Flash Flanagan defeated Bobby Dempsey in a dark match...
-April 5, 2006--USA Championship Wrestling: Flash Flannagan defeated "Wildcat" Chris Harris..
-April 28, 2006 - ROH: Flash Flanagan defeated Apocalypse..
-April 29, 2006 - ROH: Jimmy Jacobs beat Jimmy Yang and Trik Davis and Flash Flanagan and Jay Fury and Spud (6-WAY)..
-June 2, 2006--IWA Mid South (King of the Death Match): Flash Flanagan defeated Billy Black in a Thumbtack Death Match ....
-June 3, 2006--IWA Mid South (King of the Death Match): Dysfunction beat Flash Flanagan in a Cage Barbed Wire TLC Match ....
-October 14, 2006--Memphis Wrestling: The Crazy Clowns defeated Kidd Kastle & Flash Fanagan
-October 21, 2006--Memphis Wrestling: Too Cool 2 & Flash Flanagan beat Mr. America & Kidd Kastle & Dustin Starr
-November 21, 2006--Classic Championship Wrestling: Flash Flanagan defeated "Smooth" Johnny Spade w/Miss Holly Wood..
-December 1, 2006--USWO: Flash Flanagan & Matt Dillenger defeated Ruffhouse Jordan & Mark Anthony
-March 16, 2007--BAW Championship Wrestling: Flash Flanagan was awarded a bye when Brian Christopher no-showed..
-March 17, 2007--BAW Championship Wrestling: Flash Flanagan beat Vic the Bruiser | Flash Flanagan defeated Ro'z ..
-D-Lo Brown defeated Flash Flanagan in the Finals to capture the BAW Championship Wrestling Heavyweight title..
-May 11, 2007--IWA Mid South Wrestling: Mitch Ryder defeated Flash Flanagan in Plainfield, Indiana..
-June 1, 2007--Pro Wrestling Renaissance: Jon Moxley defeated Flash Flanagan in Dunkirk, Indiana ...
-June 10, 2007--Southern All-Star Wrestling: Flash Flanagan defeated Shawn Shultz in Millersville, Tennessee..
-Shaun & Shayne Maddox defeated Kid Kash & Flash Flanagan in a tag team match later that night...

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