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Dwayne McCallaugh
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Wrestler Facts

Wrestler Name: Dwayne McCallaugh
Birthday: 5th January 1958
Hometown: Winnsboro, Texas
Height: 6'4''
Weight: 400lb
Finishers: Top Rope Splash
Previous Gimmicks: Awesome Kong, The Viking

Title History (1)

19/Jul/1991:USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion - -

Biography/Additional Facts

Career Highlights:
(Credit: OWW)

- July 1991: Awesome Kong debuted iin the USWA and won the Unified Heavyweight title from Jerry Lawler..
- Awesome Kong formed a tag team with King/Krusher Kong as the Collosal Kongs.
- 1991: The Collossal Kongs were started in the Dallas-based Global Wrestling Federation..
- 1993: The Collossal Kongs were eventually brought into World Championship Wrestling managed by Harley Race.
- August 18, 1993 - Clash of the Champions 24: Ric Flair & Sting defeated The Awesome Kongs.
- BattleBowl 1993: The Kongs were on opposite teams during the Lethal Lottery series.
-December 27, 1993 - Starrcade: The Shockmaster defeated Awesome Kong in a singles match.
- The Awesome Kongs were let go by WCW after Dusty Rhodes was removed from the booking committee..
- Awesome Kong now lives in Texas and occasionally trains would-be wrestlers..

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