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Eddie Gilbert
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Wrestler Facts

Wrestler Name: Eddie Gilbert
Birthday: 14th August 1961
Hometown: Lexington, Tennessee
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 222lb
Finishers: Hot Shot (Throat first flapjack onto the top rope)
Previous Gimmicks: Tommy Gilbert Jr, "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert

Title History (3)

03/Aug/1993:ECW Tag Team Champion -
[4 Times]:USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion
[2 Times]:AWA International Heavyweight Champion

Biography/Additional Facts

Real Life:
-Eddie Gilbert is the brother of Doug Gilbert and they are both sons of Tommy Gilbert..
-Eddie Gilbert was married to Madusa & Missy Hyatt (at different times of course)..

Getting into the Business:
-February 10, 1979: Tommy Gilbert Jr. (debut) & Ricky Reed vs Jake Dalton & Haiti Charlie..
-April 20, 1979: Wrestled his first match as Eddie Gilbert..
-May 18, 1979: Eddie Gilbert graduated from High School and actually wrestled the next morning..
-1981: Eddie Gilbert & Ricky Morton vs Mr. Onita & Mr. Fuchi in a "Tupelo Concession Stand Brawl"..
-1981: Eddie Gilbert had a brief stint in the WWF, occassionally teaming with Curt Hennig and appearing once on Piper's Pit..

CWF: Memphis:
-January 27, 1985: Eddie Gilbert defeated Jerry Lawler to win the Southern Heavyweight title in Memphis..

Mid-South Wrestling/Universal Wrestling Federation:
-June 1, 1985--Superdome Extravaganza: Wendell Cooley defeated Eddie Gilbert by Disqualfication..
-April 11, 1987--Superdome Extravaganza: Eddie Gilbert defeated Sam Houston by Count Out to retain the UWF Television title..
-August 1, 1987--Superdome: Dusty Rhodes & Steve Williams beat E.Gilbert & Dick Murdoch in a "Double Bullrope" match..

National Wrestling Alliance:
# November 26, 1987 - Starrcade: Sting & Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin vs E.Gilbert & Rick Steiner & Larry Zbyzsko (NO CONTEST)..
-January 1989: Eddie Gilbert & Rick Steamboat (Mystery Partner) defeated Four Horsemen (Ric Flair & Barry Windham)..
-May 7, 1989 - NWA Music City Showdown: Eddie Gilbert & Rick Steiner beat Kevin Sullivan & Dan Spivey in Nashville..
-1989: Eddie Gilbert engaged in a feud with The Great Muta and had many great matches together..
-1989 - WrestleWar: Eddie Gilbert & Rick Steiner beat Kevin Sullivan & Dan Spivey to retain the United States Tag Team titles..
# April 28, 1990: Eddie Gilbert battled Kevin Sullivan to a Double Count-Out in a match which saw them fight into the crowd..

Tri-State Wrestling:
-September 15, 1990 - Autumn Armaggedon: Eddie Gilbert defeated Cactus Jack in Philadelphia, PA..
-May 18, 1991 - Spring Spectacular II: Eddie Gilbert battled Cactus Jack to a NO CONTEST in a bloody Barbed Wire match..
-August 3, 1991 - Summer Sizzler II: Eddie Gilbert wrestled Cactus Jack in 3 Separate matches at Tri-State's in Philadelphia..
-Cactus Jack defeated Eddie Gilbert in a "Falls Count Anywhere" match..
-Eddie Gilbert defeated Cactus Jack in a "Stretcher" match when Gilbert smashed him with a Wine bottle!
-Eddie Gilbert battled Cactus Jack to a Double-DQ in a "Steel Cage" match..
-This match was voted 3rd runner-up for Match of the Year in Pro Wrestling Illustrated's 1991 Achievement Awards..

Global Wrestling Federation:
-March 27, 1992: Eddie Gilbert defeated The Dark Patriot to win the GWF North American Heavyweight title in Dallas..

United States Wrestling Association:
-June 15, 1992: Eddie Gilbert defeated Jerry Lawler to win the USWA Unified Heavyweight title in Memphis..
-November 14, 1992: Terry Funk defeated Eddie Gilbert in a brutal Texas Death match at a WWA event in Wayne, NJ
-March 8, 1993: Defeated his brother Doug Gilbert in a "loser-leaves-town" match in Memphis, TN

Eastern Championship Wrestling:
-June 19, 1993--Super Summer Sizzler: Eddie Gilbert defeated Terry Funk in a "Texas Chain Massacre" match
-August 7, 1993: Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot defeated The Super Destroyers for the vacant ECW Tag Team titles..
-Eddie Gilbert was booking for ECW until Paul Heyman pushed him out..

United States Wrestling Association:
-February 14, 1994: Eddie Gilbert defeated Jerry Lawler to win the USWA Unified Heavyweight title..
-April 23, 1994: Eddie Gilbert & Brian Christopher defeated The Eliminators in the Tag Title tournament final..

-August 6, 1994 - 21st Anniversary Show: Eddie Gilbert defeated Jesus "Hurricane" Castillo in a "fire" match..
-January 2, 1995: Eddie Gilbert defeated Ricky Morton and co-won a "Smokey Mountain Rumble" with Unibomb..

The Death of Eddie Gilbert:
-June 10, 1995--Memphis Memories II: Eddie Gilbert was inducted into the Memphis Wrestling Hall of Fame..
-June 10, 2005 - Hardcore Homecoming: Johnny Grunge, Gary Wolfe & Tammy Sytch participated in a tribute to wrestlers who died..
-RIP: Louie Spicolli, Road Warrior Hawk, Rocco Rock, Big Dick Dudley, Pitbull #2, Eddie Gilbert and Chris Candido..

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